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Friday, September 3, 2010

Just kinda sad...

*Warning* I did not proof read this. I am tired and going to bed :o)...

My best friend Lyndsay is just going through hell. I posted a few weeks ago about the situation her son and family are going through. If you want to read it go here.

Well picking up where I left off. So little Aidan saw the Neurologist at Texas Children' Hospital and it was almost like a complete waste of time. The doctor pretty much said there was nothing they could do right away but, that Aidan was going to have to wait for a whole month to get the MRI and CAT scan done to see what is possibly going on. He said with Aidan not coming in sick or anything "serious" he couldn't do anything to move the scans up to a nearer date. Both Lyndsay and Ben asked the doctor if he thought this was serious and the doctor said yes but, with Aidan not showing any serious symptoms right then and there... there was nothing more they could do. The Neurologist did say though... if anything changes with Aidan such as fever, headache, etc. to bring him into the ER and they will do the scans. So pretty much saying... Yes, your son is very sick and could possibly have cancer or something bad going on in the brain but, go how because he isn't "sick enough". This blew us all away. Lyndsay and Ben were expecting answers from this appointment but, felt so much more lost and confused.

The next day, Lyndsay pressed on. She was trying any and every way to get her baby in for those scans. She knew she has to do this no matter what she has to do. She tried and tried... talk to MANY people... but didn't really get anywhere. Then a couple days later... Aidan began to get a fever and was complaining of a headache. They knew now what to do. They took him to the ER at Texas Children's. Aidan was admitted to the Neurologist floor. The scans got bumped up. He first had the MRI to scan for tumors or lesions on the brain and those came back clear. That was a huge praise!! Then the next day was the CAT scan to scan for Neuroblastoma. This was a big possibility. All the doctors were thinking Neuroblastoma and all the evidence was pointing to Neuroblastoma. The scans came back... CLEAR!!! It was a miracle!!! God had been listening to all our prayers. He healed Adian of this nasty disease. Aidan was sent home! He did go home with some issues... his eye issue and urinary tract issue. But these all seem to be things they could get dealt with as out-patient.

They came home happy but, ready to tackle these other things.

Almost 2 days later... Aida began the same things again... fever, complaining of a headache, and throwing up. Yes, they headed back to the hospital. I was in shock... this time Aidan was re-admitted to the General Medicine floor and he could be seen by any doctor. The doctors were confused on what was going on. They started throwing everything back in that was ruled out from before. Aidan had a spinal tap yesterday evening to get a little more detail on what is going on. They also, scheduled a newer kind of scan that will detect neuroblastoma with a dye Aidan will drink or whatever. But it is so frustrating because neuroblastoma and leukemia are being brought into the picture. Adian was sent home for the weekend since there is nothing they can really do over the weekend but, he will be going back if any test comes back abnormal... if the tests are fine then he will be going back up there for the big test on Wednesday.

I started crying today because I am asking God why?... why aren't you healing him?... he is just a baby! But, I see... I see God's goodness coming out of this bad. I see her family growing closer and coming together. I see them seeing Lyndsay's faith through this. I pray as God works through this storm that people will come to know Christ and that He will be glorified.

God is so good and I continue to praise Him through feeling hurt and seeing someone I love hurt. I so know God is with them and with all of us feeling close to this situation. If you think of little Aidan can you please pray for him and for God to heal him, for the Lord to be with the doctors and give them the knowledge and wisdom, continue to give Lyndsay strength to deal day by day with all that is coming at her, pray for her sweet family to lean on the Lord and trust that He is in control, and most of all that God would be glorified through this all. Thank you so much.

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