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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

God, what is your plan??

I have been wondering, waiting, praying, seeking, talking, listening for God and His plan. I am waiting and watching what He has in store for little Aidan's life. I have been questioning Him and asking why? Why is this such a hard thing? Why are you not hearing our prayers? The doctor's need clarity and answers but, they seem more lost than ever. What is Your plan for Aidan?

Lyndsay is waiting to hear... waiting to hear what You want her to do. I am beginning to question if you are even listening or hearing our cries. We are sad... Lyndsay is lost and doesn't know what to do. She is angry... we are all angry. She needs You... she needs You to lead her... show her or speak to her on what You want her to do. She is waiting and watching...

Tomorrow, is a big day. Aidan will be having his MIBG scan tomorrow to discover if he has neuroblastoma. Everything is pointing to yes... but only God knows. Even though we are asking why... we are all still trusting in Him and His plan because His plan is the most perfect and the best we could ever choose.

Lord, I am trusting you and giving this to You. You are in control and only You. I pray you will give Lyndsay the strength and positivity she needs to get through these next few days. Please cover her in peace. I pray for clarity for the doctors so, they can see what is going on and for the wisdom they need to understand and treat whatever Aidan has going on. I pray for your light to spread like fire. Amen

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