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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gay Family Reunion

We went to San Antonio this weekend for a family reunion. It is family so extended and once and second removed... you know really extended but, still we try to stay connected because it is so important to have family no matter how far removed you are.

This picture came out so cute of Hailee and Heidi. They were both so good on our way to San Antonio.

3 Generations- Me, Mom (my grandmother), and Tami (my mom)

Our little crazy family.

Great-Uncle Billy and Great-Aunt Marilyn (I love these 2 people).

Lynwood (my 1st cousin twice removed) and Gail (my cousin by marriage).

Heidi, Grammy (my mom), and Hailee

This is the cousin picture. All kinds of different cousins in this picture.

Tami (my mom), Great-Aunt Marilyn, Grandma Virginia (husband of Tony who is Billy's brother), Great-Uncle Billy.

All Great Uncle Clyde's kids and his wife Norma.

Me and Bob.

Great-Aunt Norma (lady in the middle of the sitting people) and her side of her family.

Grampy and his girls.

Hangin' out in the Menger Hotel garden.

My mom and I were super excited about seeing the Menger hotel because one if our all time favorite movie, Giant was filmed in this hotel.

Here is the main part of the Menger Hotel and it was built in the late 1800's... then they added the left part of the hotel later. It is so cool to see old pictures of the the hotel with horse drawn carriages in front of this hotel. I love to think about all the many people that have been to this hotel and all the history the walls could tell us. :o)

Beautiful Hailee outside the Alamo.

Heidi showing us her teeth. :o)

Just the 4 of us.

My mom and Lynn.

Grammy and Heidi.

Heidi saying "Cheese" and sitting in a tree. :o)

Who ever thought sitting in a tree could be so much fun. LOL!

I don't care what anyone says.... the Alamo will never get old to me. I could go in it over and over and over.... It is such a special place. Plus, we are direct descendants of William B. Travis.

Waiting for the shuttle bus and eating snow cones.

Poppo and Mommo

New dresses.

New dresses and Heidi got some beautiful flowers that smelled oh so pretty!
After we got the dresses we went to eat at Casa Rio. We all were in dyer need of margaritas too. After dinner we took a ride in a boat up the river and had a good time. The girls have been so good and behaving nicely. LOL! I have really enjoyed getting to know Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Billy and spending some good time with my mom. Hailee has really missed Grammy too. This has been a wonderful trip and Bob and I have had some good quality times together. My mom and Lynn watched both girls over night last night while we had our own quality time together. This was the first time both of us together have left the kids with someone over night. It was great! I hope you enjoyed pictures of our family. :o)

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