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Friday, September 24, 2010

First Day of Friday School

Today was the first day of Friday school. It is really called First Class and it is a Co-Op. I am just now learning what a Co-Op is... this Co-Op is moms and dads coming together and teaching each others kids. We all pitch in some how and teach, assist the teachers, be hall monitors, etc. It is really great and all the moms and dads are great. If you are not a member of First class or are thinking about possibly homeschooling your child check out this website. They have a nursery for children under 2 and then there are classes for 2-18 year old kids. It is so awesome!!! Here are a few pictures I took this morning before our first day. :o)

I couldn't believe I got them both in this picture together with both of them smiling.
Look... Heidi isn't frowning or jumping while I took her picture. :o)

And sweet Hailee, who always has a smile.

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