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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling full of thankfulness and blessings...

Today while I was getting dinner together in the crock pot I began to feel the overwhelming feeling of the blessings in my life and feeling so thankful for it all. First I was thankful for the food I was preparing for dinner and how thankful I am for being able to fill my families tummies tonight. Then I began to think of all the many families that aren't going to be able to do this and how some families have empty pantries and tummies. I am so thankful for the food that God has provided for us. I am thankful for my husband's job and the money he brings home so we can have this food to fill ourselves.

I began to think of all the many times I have complained about cleaning, washing and folding laundry, and even cooking. I know this is pretty normal in American homes but, it is not right. God has provided a roof over our head to keep us dry, warm, and cool. He has even provided the stuff of life to fill it. I may sometimes feel we need more or we need a bigger house but, really I am so thankful for what we do have and I ask for forgiveness for my selfishness. I am very thankful to be able to clean our house and take care of what God has provided us with. I pray I will begin to take better care of everything in it. I am also very thankful to be able to have nice clothes to wear and that my children are able to look cute. I began to think about a lot of other children in the world and how they may not have to opportunity to wear the "cute" clothes my 2 children are able to wear. Where do I get off even complaining about this? I have no right! I am so very lucky to even be able to have what I have.

Most of all... I am so thankful to be able to praise and worship my God in a free country. What a blessing that is in itself. Knowing that there are other Christ followers being persecuted for loving and worshiping Him just like I do here in the United States. I should take every minute I get to worship and praise Him and pray for the others that are not so lucky. I am blessed I was born here and can live her free. We take so much for granted when we have it "all" and forget what is truly important... our relationship with Jesus Christ.

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