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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gay Family Reunion

We went to San Antonio this weekend for a family reunion. It is family so extended and once and second removed... you know really extended but, still we try to stay connected because it is so important to have family no matter how far removed you are.

This picture came out so cute of Hailee and Heidi. They were both so good on our way to San Antonio.

3 Generations- Me, Mom (my grandmother), and Tami (my mom)

Our little crazy family.

Great-Uncle Billy and Great-Aunt Marilyn (I love these 2 people).

Lynwood (my 1st cousin twice removed) and Gail (my cousin by marriage).

Heidi, Grammy (my mom), and Hailee

This is the cousin picture. All kinds of different cousins in this picture.

Tami (my mom), Great-Aunt Marilyn, Grandma Virginia (husband of Tony who is Billy's brother), Great-Uncle Billy.

All Great Uncle Clyde's kids and his wife Norma.

Me and Bob.

Great-Aunt Norma (lady in the middle of the sitting people) and her side of her family.

Grampy and his girls.

Hangin' out in the Menger Hotel garden.

My mom and I were super excited about seeing the Menger hotel because one if our all time favorite movie, Giant was filmed in this hotel.

Here is the main part of the Menger Hotel and it was built in the late 1800's... then they added the left part of the hotel later. It is so cool to see old pictures of the the hotel with horse drawn carriages in front of this hotel. I love to think about all the many people that have been to this hotel and all the history the walls could tell us. :o)

Beautiful Hailee outside the Alamo.

Heidi showing us her teeth. :o)

Just the 4 of us.

My mom and Lynn.

Grammy and Heidi.

Heidi saying "Cheese" and sitting in a tree. :o)

Who ever thought sitting in a tree could be so much fun. LOL!

I don't care what anyone says.... the Alamo will never get old to me. I could go in it over and over and over.... It is such a special place. Plus, we are direct descendants of William B. Travis.

Waiting for the shuttle bus and eating snow cones.

Poppo and Mommo

New dresses.

New dresses and Heidi got some beautiful flowers that smelled oh so pretty!
After we got the dresses we went to eat at Casa Rio. We all were in dyer need of margaritas too. After dinner we took a ride in a boat up the river and had a good time. The girls have been so good and behaving nicely. LOL! I have really enjoyed getting to know Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Billy and spending some good time with my mom. Hailee has really missed Grammy too. This has been a wonderful trip and Bob and I have had some good quality times together. My mom and Lynn watched both girls over night last night while we had our own quality time together. This was the first time both of us together have left the kids with someone over night. It was great! I hope you enjoyed pictures of our family. :o)

Friday, September 24, 2010

First Day of Friday School

Today was the first day of Friday school. It is really called First Class and it is a Co-Op. I am just now learning what a Co-Op is... this Co-Op is moms and dads coming together and teaching each others kids. We all pitch in some how and teach, assist the teachers, be hall monitors, etc. It is really great and all the moms and dads are great. If you are not a member of First class or are thinking about possibly homeschooling your child check out this website. They have a nursery for children under 2 and then there are classes for 2-18 year old kids. It is so awesome!!! Here are a few pictures I took this morning before our first day. :o)

I couldn't believe I got them both in this picture together with both of them smiling.
Look... Heidi isn't frowning or jumping while I took her picture. :o)

And sweet Hailee, who always has a smile.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling full of thankfulness and blessings...

Today while I was getting dinner together in the crock pot I began to feel the overwhelming feeling of the blessings in my life and feeling so thankful for it all. First I was thankful for the food I was preparing for dinner and how thankful I am for being able to fill my families tummies tonight. Then I began to think of all the many families that aren't going to be able to do this and how some families have empty pantries and tummies. I am so thankful for the food that God has provided for us. I am thankful for my husband's job and the money he brings home so we can have this food to fill ourselves.

I began to think of all the many times I have complained about cleaning, washing and folding laundry, and even cooking. I know this is pretty normal in American homes but, it is not right. God has provided a roof over our head to keep us dry, warm, and cool. He has even provided the stuff of life to fill it. I may sometimes feel we need more or we need a bigger house but, really I am so thankful for what we do have and I ask for forgiveness for my selfishness. I am very thankful to be able to clean our house and take care of what God has provided us with. I pray I will begin to take better care of everything in it. I am also very thankful to be able to have nice clothes to wear and that my children are able to look cute. I began to think about a lot of other children in the world and how they may not have to opportunity to wear the "cute" clothes my 2 children are able to wear. Where do I get off even complaining about this? I have no right! I am so very lucky to even be able to have what I have.

Most of all... I am so thankful to be able to praise and worship my God in a free country. What a blessing that is in itself. Knowing that there are other Christ followers being persecuted for loving and worshiping Him just like I do here in the United States. I should take every minute I get to worship and praise Him and pray for the others that are not so lucky. I am blessed I was born here and can live her free. We take so much for granted when we have it "all" and forget what is truly important... our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spiritual Gifts

Last Sunday we talked about spiritual gifts in our ABF class (adult bible fellowship). I have taken a spiritual gift test before through our ABF but, I don't remember what they were. I know what I am good at and that is usually helping others in anyway I possibly can. Sometimes I feel like helping others is such a burden (I am so selfish) but, when I finally do it and am in the middle of it... it starts to feel good and knowing I am really helping them out.

I decided to take a random spiritual gift test (check it out here) and here are my results...

Score Spiritual Gifts Scripture Reference
78% Hospitality Acts 16:14-15
78% Faith Hebrews 11:1
67% Servant/Helps Acts 6:2-4

I thought the test was kind of difficult because I don't know how I am with things and what others think. A lot of the questions started with "I" and I just never feel comfortable about boasting about myself because, I may feel like I am good at one thing and really others may think I stink at it.

It goes back to what our ABF was talking about on Sunday. Some people may think their spiritual gift is teaching but, the people you are teaching to may think you are horrible at it. That is when feed back should be brought in. But, if you are giving feed back and it is not being taken in to consideration and totally ignored... then there is a problem.

I would prefer to be told something (in a loving way) rather than think I am great at it and then people talking behind my back. I mean come on... Okay I am getting off subject...

I pray my spiritual gifts would come more natural to me and I would feel more comfortable to take on whatever the Lord throws my way. I pray I would continue to have a willing and obedient heart to do His work and be His hands and feet here on earth. God has a mighty plan for my life and yours too.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking with a Just Cause

Yesterday was the busy day but, what an amazing day! First, was the 5K run and the family walk and it was amazing. I believe God was truly glorified by that day! 300+ runners and walkers registered for this cause and rose awareness of the injustice in our own community. I hope Satan was angry by what we did yesterday and I hope he heard every foot running and pounding on the pavement. (Pastor Alex said the most beautiful and powerful prayer yesterday before the runners left) I pray we will become more aware and the money the church raised will make a HUGE impact on sexual slavery and human trafficking right here in Houston and around the world.

Here are Heidi and Hailee before the race began. Heidi didn't want anything to do with the camera. As usual.
Bob had a great 5k (3.2 miles) run! He ran it in 21:42. Yes, he runs on a normal basis. He told me while we was running he had the first place man in is age group in eye sight. I was like "Why didn't you sprint and beat him?" He told me there was no way. LOL! We had a great day and the girls did great on the walk.
Then the last part of the day was spent at Tot2Tot and it was a huge success. They had over 4000 items to sale and I am sure the girls had a doubt in the back of their mind... like what if people don't even come and shop. Well, they did! And it was a great day for my 3 friends. They are all very dear to my heart and are great inspirations. I am so very proud of you, Misty, Valerie, and Amber! You girls rock!!!
On another note... there was not even a plan to write about this but, I thought I should. In my last post I wrote about how I was over-committed but, I knew it was where God had led me. I feel even more strongly that this is true. Before I started to write this blog I checked my email and there was an email from First Class, the Co-Op Friday classes where I signed up to teach a class. Well the email said they appreciated me volunteering to teach a class but, that they didn't have enough kids sign-up to take it. At first when I read it I felt like crap and thought "Well, that was embarrassing." But, now as I am thinking about it... I know this was God. I believe I was supposed to sign-up to help but, it was His plan for it not to work-out. Does that make sense? I did what I was supposed to do and He carried the rest of it out. I am totally fine with it and I will probably sign-up to teach again if this is what the Lord wants.
I just thought I would share this because it humbled me and blessed me. Just another lesson learned from my God, who is very very awesome and wonderful.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Over Commited?!?

*Warning* I did not proof read this post. :o) Have a great day!!

I thought I would blog really quick before I run and drop all my Tot2Tot stuff off. I can't believe how much I have... uhhh! I hope a make some big money for our trip next weekend (I will talk more about this on a later date).

Okay... I have over-commited myself this year. I keep thinking what in the world happened... but then I remember that not all of this was me... I really feel God has led me to this oppurtunities to help others and learn for myself. Here are the things I have commited myself to...

1. Wedneday night WAM- I love doing this... I did this last year with my friend, Ely and it was such a blessing because I made a great friendship and a homeschool buddy. This year I wanted to do WAM again but,only really wanted to be with her. LOL! So, I am helping Ely teach 3 yr olds about Jesus and music. It is so wonderful!

2. 3 year old Sunday school- Yes... this is the year of 3 year olds but, it is working out so wonderfully because I know the 3 yr olds for WAM and they know me. They also, know me from VBS this past summer. I teach with a good friend, Andrea and I am loving it!

3. Small group leader- Our ABF really needed small group leaders to step up and no one was volunteering. I felt this urge that we needed to just volunteer... it wasn't going to be a big deal. We are going to meet with our group once a month for just fellowship and it can be at our house or it can be at someone else's house... whatever the group decides on.

4. First class- First class is a homeschool Co-Op. There is 3 1 hour classes and each kid gets to pick what they want to do. Well to help with cost the parents volunteer to teach a class for ages ranging from 2 yrs-18 yrs. Well I signed up (unexpectly) for a handwriting and drawing class. I know... scary! The kids will write 4 small sentences and then will be giving step by step directions on how to draw whatever the sentences are about. I picked this because it wasn't going to be much preparation on my part and really how hard could this be? LOL! It is turning out a little more difficult than I thought... but oh well.

I really have felt God's leading to every one of these activities and I know it is going to bless so many more lives. My complaining of being over-commited is just selfishness on my part but, I truly feel blessed to be able to be a part of all of these crazy activities. Each one is different and unique in its own special way. I just need to continue to see it that way and not let my selfishness get in the way of the many blessing this could have on so many. :o)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This weekend...

I wanted to share some important things going on this weekend...

First, Kingsland Baptist Church is having a 5k and a 1 mile family walk this weekend for justice on human trafficing in our own community. Our pastor was telling the church this Sunday that there is human trafficing going on right down I-10 (off HWY 6 area). If you live in Katy or Houston then you know what I am talking about... that is way to close to home. Who would even thought this is going on in Houston. But it is... and KBC is making a point to stop this and stop those bad people from hurting anyone else. This cause has become very close to my heart since I have 2 little girls that are so precious to me and to God. I couldn't ever imagine if anything like this ever happened to my sweet angels. So, I am standing against this with Kingsland as we try to free and make a difference.

You can go here for more information.

Second, I have 3 fabulous God-loving friends who have started a consignment sale business. This is their second sale and it has grown tremendously. You can't register anymore items but, there will be another sale at the beginning of March of next year (I believe). They need more volunteers and of course they need people to come and buy. There is all kinds of baby toys, baby clothes, regular toys, older kid clothes, maturnity clothes, specialty items (bows, etc.), and the list can go on and on. I don't know of everything but only what I hear and am told. LOL! I am selling a lot of baby clothes and toys. SO COME AND BUY!!! LOL! Tot2Tot is also donating 5% to Just Run for a Cause. Come make a difference while having a good time shopping. :o)

You can go here for more information.

This is going to be a busy Saturday but, it is also going to glorify the Lord. :o)

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's just life...

I have been thinking lately about life... about how things can be so hard and then sometimes so simple. I think about the hard times and wonder why... we get so wrapped up in ourselves. We get lost in how we wish things were or should be. If you are a believer... you wonder why would a God who loves me so much put me through all this crap? Why can't he give me a break? It turns to me... me... me. But, if you do turn to Him and search for Him... He will lead you and show you on His time. His time is not like our time... His time is so much more perfect than our time. His time may not be what we think it should be but, when it unfolds (and who knows how long that will be) you will be at awe. At awe of this perfect timing... the timing of the Lord God almighty.

I think about the good times too. It isn't what I consider good because during the good times is when I lose what is good. I lose that intimate time with the One who loves me more than anytihng. I lose the closeness and the craving for Him. I want Him near me and through this time is when I don't feel Him. I pray to Him and pray for others going through their bad times but, I don't have that closeness. Why does this happen? I know it is me... I know where I should be. I should be on my knees worshiping Him for this time of good and quiet. I want to be there... so why am I not doing it?

And here through this good time it again turns to me... me... me. Oh I can pray and worship Him later or I will do it in a minute and then forget. Why is it not has important to me as it is through the bad? I search and search for Him through the bad times but, when all is good I don't need Him? That is not right! He doesn't deserve that. He gave His only Son for me.... a wretched sinner! YUCK!

I see others going through their bad times and I want that. I want that craving for Him because I know how it feels. Oh it feels so good. I would rather go through the bad times than have this emptiness good times. I need Him and I am going to go find Him.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unending Love

Aidan had his scan today and it came back COMPLETELY CLEAR! He is completely clear of having neuroblastoma. He does not have cancer. God has heard our prayers and healed Aidan of this nastiness. He has protected Aidan and held him close. God has been and is in control all the time.

I may sit here questioning Him... wondering why He hasn't healed Aidan... and question His hand in all of this but, he knows better. He knew I would question Him and He knew He would show me how great He is. Even though I questioned Him I continued to trust that He was in control but, He knows my heart and thoughts... that yes, I continued to trust and have faith but, there was still that question, unsure, and doubt in the back of my mind... He knew that.

Even though I questioned Him (the One greater than I) he continued to pour His love out. He continued to show He was in control. And now... I feel like I fool. You know why I feel like fool?? Because I know better. He has been by my side before through my own storm. He loves me more than I will ever EVER know. It is unending love....

Maybe I will know when I see Him one day AND I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THAT DAY.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

God, what is your plan??

I have been wondering, waiting, praying, seeking, talking, listening for God and His plan. I am waiting and watching what He has in store for little Aidan's life. I have been questioning Him and asking why? Why is this such a hard thing? Why are you not hearing our prayers? The doctor's need clarity and answers but, they seem more lost than ever. What is Your plan for Aidan?

Lyndsay is waiting to hear... waiting to hear what You want her to do. I am beginning to question if you are even listening or hearing our cries. We are sad... Lyndsay is lost and doesn't know what to do. She is angry... we are all angry. She needs You... she needs You to lead her... show her or speak to her on what You want her to do. She is waiting and watching...

Tomorrow, is a big day. Aidan will be having his MIBG scan tomorrow to discover if he has neuroblastoma. Everything is pointing to yes... but only God knows. Even though we are asking why... we are all still trusting in Him and His plan because His plan is the most perfect and the best we could ever choose.

Lord, I am trusting you and giving this to You. You are in control and only You. I pray you will give Lyndsay the strength and positivity she needs to get through these next few days. Please cover her in peace. I pray for clarity for the doctors so, they can see what is going on and for the wisdom they need to understand and treat whatever Aidan has going on. I pray for your light to spread like fire. Amen

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today's Unknown

*Warning* I am not proof reading this post :o)

Today, I met up with my friend, Lyndsay and her 2 kiddos Troy (5) and Aidan (almost 3). I had bought everyone a little something and was excited to share this with the 2 little boys. I bought Aidan a Sleeping Beauty little figurine set with Princess Aurora w/ a dress that comes off, the 3 fairies, a vanity, and little bottles (for P. Aurora's perfumes). Yes, Aidan loves this stuff so I bought him what he loves :o). I got Troy this Transformer thing. Don't ask me anymore details on this toy because I couldn't tell you. All I know is that he loved it (once he got it). I got these 2 gifts for the boys for how good, brave, and happy they have been.

The girls and I get to the park and I am getting everything together and getting everyone out of the car and I go and slam all the doors shut and leave my keys and everything else inside the van. Yes, I locked my keys in the car.... and yes, we do not have a copy of the van key. Fan-freakin-tastic!!! It's okay... I didn't freak out. I just had to sit back and wait for Lyndsay to get to the park so I could call Bob at work and see if he could find me a locksmith. I am not very proud of this moment but is a girl to do.

So, Lyndsay and the boys get to the park and I tell her and of course she helps me out :o). I was so happy to see the boys and yes, Troy was eyeballing me for his surprise (he needed a little boost of confidence to get in the car to come see us). I told him I was sorry but I locked the keys in the car and EVERYTHING was in the car. He didn't care he still wanted his Surprise! LOL! Everyone went and played. Aidan was doing great. He looked like he was ready to have a good time. He did all the things he loves... even chasing those squirrels. The child loves to chase squirrels. Crazy! LoL!

Everyone was playing great and then the last 20 minutes Aidan came up to Lyndsay and you could tell something bad was not going to be happening. She picked him up and walked away and asked him if he was feeling bad and they went to the trash can and Aidan threw up. After that it went down hill. Mean while... I am waiting for the locksmith to come and unlock my car. It all seem to work out at the same time. Lyndsay got Aidan in the car as he uncontrollably threw up and I had the 2 big kids over by my car as the locksmith arrived. You could tell troy was not leaving without his surprise.

$145.00 later... Troy got his Transformer toy and loved it. We talked about what it turned into and then he said "Thank you.". He is a sweet sweet boy. I told him this was for being such a good boy while Mommy was with Aidan in the hospital. He just smiled with that grateful little smile I love so much. I gave Lyndsay Aidan Sleeping Beauty toy and I know he will enjoy it later. As I was shutting Troy's door He said (something like) "Feel free to get me army men next time." LOL! Love that kid.

Lyndsay is very worried about Aidan. She hates to see him like this and not being able to do anything. She called the neurologist and spoke to the nurse to find out medicine she can give Aidan right now. If he doesn't stop throwing up they will have to take him to the ER for fluids but, other than that there is nothing the doctor people can do until they get tests back. Please continue to pray for Lyndsay, Ben, Troy, and Aidan. Lyndsay needs strength and discernment, Ben needs strength and the presence of the Lord to consume him, Troy needs the love God can only give, and Aidan needs healing, pain relief, and to be comforted by his Father. There are so many things you could pray for for this sweet family. Thanks in advance :o)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just kinda sad...

*Warning* I did not proof read this. I am tired and going to bed :o)...

My best friend Lyndsay is just going through hell. I posted a few weeks ago about the situation her son and family are going through. If you want to read it go here.

Well picking up where I left off. So little Aidan saw the Neurologist at Texas Children' Hospital and it was almost like a complete waste of time. The doctor pretty much said there was nothing they could do right away but, that Aidan was going to have to wait for a whole month to get the MRI and CAT scan done to see what is possibly going on. He said with Aidan not coming in sick or anything "serious" he couldn't do anything to move the scans up to a nearer date. Both Lyndsay and Ben asked the doctor if he thought this was serious and the doctor said yes but, with Aidan not showing any serious symptoms right then and there... there was nothing more they could do. The Neurologist did say though... if anything changes with Aidan such as fever, headache, etc. to bring him into the ER and they will do the scans. So pretty much saying... Yes, your son is very sick and could possibly have cancer or something bad going on in the brain but, go how because he isn't "sick enough". This blew us all away. Lyndsay and Ben were expecting answers from this appointment but, felt so much more lost and confused.

The next day, Lyndsay pressed on. She was trying any and every way to get her baby in for those scans. She knew she has to do this no matter what she has to do. She tried and tried... talk to MANY people... but didn't really get anywhere. Then a couple days later... Aidan began to get a fever and was complaining of a headache. They knew now what to do. They took him to the ER at Texas Children's. Aidan was admitted to the Neurologist floor. The scans got bumped up. He first had the MRI to scan for tumors or lesions on the brain and those came back clear. That was a huge praise!! Then the next day was the CAT scan to scan for Neuroblastoma. This was a big possibility. All the doctors were thinking Neuroblastoma and all the evidence was pointing to Neuroblastoma. The scans came back... CLEAR!!! It was a miracle!!! God had been listening to all our prayers. He healed Adian of this nasty disease. Aidan was sent home! He did go home with some issues... his eye issue and urinary tract issue. But these all seem to be things they could get dealt with as out-patient.

They came home happy but, ready to tackle these other things.

Almost 2 days later... Aida began the same things again... fever, complaining of a headache, and throwing up. Yes, they headed back to the hospital. I was in shock... this time Aidan was re-admitted to the General Medicine floor and he could be seen by any doctor. The doctors were confused on what was going on. They started throwing everything back in that was ruled out from before. Aidan had a spinal tap yesterday evening to get a little more detail on what is going on. They also, scheduled a newer kind of scan that will detect neuroblastoma with a dye Aidan will drink or whatever. But it is so frustrating because neuroblastoma and leukemia are being brought into the picture. Adian was sent home for the weekend since there is nothing they can really do over the weekend but, he will be going back if any test comes back abnormal... if the tests are fine then he will be going back up there for the big test on Wednesday.

I started crying today because I am asking God why?... why aren't you healing him?... he is just a baby! But, I see... I see God's goodness coming out of this bad. I see her family growing closer and coming together. I see them seeing Lyndsay's faith through this. I pray as God works through this storm that people will come to know Christ and that He will be glorified.

God is so good and I continue to praise Him through feeling hurt and seeing someone I love hurt. I so know God is with them and with all of us feeling close to this situation. If you think of little Aidan can you please pray for him and for God to heal him, for the Lord to be with the doctors and give them the knowledge and wisdom, continue to give Lyndsay strength to deal day by day with all that is coming at her, pray for her sweet family to lean on the Lord and trust that He is in control, and most of all that God would be glorified through this all. Thank you so much.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This has been a rough week for us.

Monday, Hailee informed me she didn't like school. She told me she wanted to go to school down the street and not homeschool. I asked her why she didn't like doing school with me and she said she didn't like it. Later she told me it was hard. I told her it would be hard no matter if she went to school down the street or if she did school here. I also told her if she went to school down the street she would come home with homework and I would have to help her with that. Of course that didn't make since to her because she is 5. But, when she told me she didn't like homeschool it broke my heart because I try very hard. I go out of my way and do things I wouldn't normally do. When she said that it made me question God's plan.

School on Monday was horrible. There were tears and unhappy words. That is all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, was a little better but, not great. We had a talk again on why we were homeschooling and this is just what we are going to do. I told her we need to get over this unhappiness and work together and be cheerful. LOL! No one cried but, still it was a rough day. We pushed through and got it out of the way.

Wednesday, is our no school day because, this day is full and craziness. So, why fill it to the max and make a fun day into something unhappy. Hailee had her riding lesson and she did wonderful. As Hailee was starting her lesson... Heidi and I went up to the car to get something I forgot. When I say up... I mean up. Hailee's instructor lives on a hill and to get to the barn you have to go down this hill (which I think is pretty steep). Heidi wanted me to carry her and so we were on our way down the hill. Then... my right ankle totally gave out and bent to the right and I lost balance and was going down. I fell on my right knee and couldn't do anything but drop Heidi (I tried to not drop her). Anyways she was fine... me on the other hand not so fine. My ankle was kind of okay and hurt just a little bit but, my knee on the other hand... HURT! It was just scrapped but really... when was the last time I fell and hurt myself... yea a long time. I felt nauseous... not from blood or anything... just from the pain. LOL! I know crazy. Heidi was crying and I had to console her and try to make it down the hill with a broken ankle (LoL!). It wasn't broken but that is all I could think about. We survived and watched Hailee ride. After her riding lesson we went to playgroup and played at SugarCreek Baptist Church in their Playscape and everyone had fun except my pain was getting a little worse (oh and the playscape is free!!). We got home and it was nap/quiet time and I sat with my foot elevated and iced. It hurt! Then off to church we went... dinner, WAM, and then home for some more elevation of the foot and icing.

Thursday (today), has been great! I woke up with the swelling down alot on my ankle and it didn't hurt to walk on it. School this morning went great and Hailee read "The man has a map.". No tears just a lot of high-fives. Now we are sitting around watching Monsters Inc. while I ice my foot. Since I woke to an okay foot I am going to go to my riding lesson today. Not sure how much I will be able to do but, I will never know if I don't try. LOL! Wish me luck :o)

No one ever told me homeschool would be easy and I know we will have our hard days but, if this is what God wants us to do... then I can only do it with His help.

I came to the conclusion why this week started so rough... all her little friends started kindergarten and when church functions started back up on Wednesday everyone was probably asking all the kids how their first day of Kindergarten went. All Hailee got to do was sit there and listen to all of their "great" times. Then in her new Sunday school class it probably happened all over again. I know it has got to be hard because I know it was hard for me listening to all my friends sending their little ones off and hearing off all their little ones fun stories. Of course she wants to go to school where all the wonderful stories are coming from. All will workout because I know this is God's plan and I pray that Hailee one day will realize the wonderful works of our all-powerful God.

It will get better. It already is... Hailee knows we are doing something different and it is okay to do things differently. Because, usually when God wants us to do something "different"... it is only "different" to the world view. God's plan is not different... but really the world view is different from God's path and that is really what matters.