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Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday, was a busy day for me. The first thing on my list was to go see my doctor at MD Anderson, Dr. Ross. My day started off great! I got out of the house on time, had time to run by Starbucks, and then off I went. Traffic on I-10 was the worse I have seen it in a long time. It took me an hour to get to 45. UGH! I made it to the parking lot at 9:00 and my chest x-rays were at scheduled for 9:o0. I continued to stay calm because at least I wasn't late to see my doctor. Got to the 3rd floor then to Imaging A and no big deal. Got it down and I was out. Then off to my doctor appointment. I never have to sit in the waiting room for very long (which is nice). I get called back around 10:00 a.m. and I sit in the COLD room in my backless 'gown' for 45 minutes until the PA comes in to check me. Then I wait about another 10 minutes to see Dr. Ross. UGH! Thankfully a brought my Crazy Love book with me and I got some good reading in. Dr. Ross checked me out and said all looks good... chest x-rays were normal also. I had a few concerns I talked to him about and he listened and looked it over and said "nope, everything looks fine." YAY! I am very thankful for a great doctor. I was out of there! I was very proud of myself and found a new and easier way to get from Imaging to my doctor so, that was another plus! Self-High Five!

I got home around noon and everyone was happy to see me. Then it was nap/quiet time. I took a nap too because I was exhausted and my mind was at ease. Then 3:00 pm rolled around and I was getting excited for a big event. I was going to be getting on a horse again. I hadn't ridden in 5 years and I was pumped!

My lesson was wonderful, hard, and wonderful. It felt so good doing what I love so much. Hurley, the horse I rode made me work! If I could do that everyday I would be super skinny in no time. :o) I need to work on my stamina but over all I think I did pretty well. LOL! I am sure it looked scary but it felt good to be back on board a horse :o).

Once I got in the car and sat down my legs were JELL-O!!! I was in pain by the time I got home. I believe my body was in shock but, it was so worth it! This morning I got up and my pain and soreness wasn't as bad as last night so, that is good. :o) I can't wait until next week!!!!

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doglover said...

Awww.... your two kids are SOOO cute!