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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scraptacular Weekend

This weekend (Friday thru Sunday) was a girls weekend (with NO kids!). There was a total of 5 of us; and those are 4 of the most amazing women you will ever meet. We get along so well but, are totally different and unique in the way God made us. All of us are on different paths the Lord has directed us on but, when we come together it is so very special.

Here is a little of how different we are... 2 women are pregnant, 1 woman nursing, 3 women are teachers, 1 woman is a math wiz, 1 woman has twins, 1 woman on the path of adopting her 4th, 2 women who were ready and willing to deliver their almost ready to pop friend, 1 willing to hold her booty, 1 ready to take pictures, 2 non-scrapbookers, 3 scrapbookers.... the list can go on and on... but, one thing that connects us is the love we have for oue Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I really believe that is all you need and everything else will fall into place. *Plus we have a total of 13 kids all together.*

The 3 of us scrapbooked a little Friday and a little on Saturday before the 2 others had to leave. (They had to get back to their families) Once they left the 3 of us scrapbookers began hardcore scrapbooking. It was pretty quiet as we were in deep thought about our pages :o). We watched some movies and talked amongst ourselves.... but we got a lot done!

It was a weekend I will never forget and hope to do again very soon ;o).

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