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Friday, August 20, 2010

My Heart Cries Out...

I haven't shared this with y'all (unless you are in my ABF class or my mom) yet because, everything has been up in the air and so many uncertain details. So here it is...

My best friend, Lyndsay is going through one of the worst things a mother could ever go through.... Her is the journey of her little 3 year old boy, Aiden has been on... A few months ago Lyndsay started noticing weird eye movements from Aiden's eyes... they would go inwards, outwards, and would make jerky movements. Of course you always have to start with your normal doctor first, Aiden's pediatrician and then that doctor refers you to a specialists. It took forever for her to get an appointment with an Optomologist (an eye doctor who does surgeries and such). Finally her appointment day came around and she got news that it wasn't good but not bad.... something that could be possibly fixed by surgery. So, Lyndsay has video of all of these crazy eye movements and would show doctors and they would always say "Oh no, this is not normal.". She has been waiting to get a Neurologist appointment for a very long time because this was someone they would have to see before any further action was taken. Well, while she has been waiting she has been sending these videos she has of Aiden's eyes all over the country to different doctors and they all have said you should get a second opinion. Lyndsay, made an appointment with another Optomologist and saw him yesterday and he was amazed at the video and knew this was not just what the other Optomologist diagnosed it as but it was something BIGGER. He diagnosed him with Nystagmus (meaning jerky eye movement). This syndrome is not from his eyes but, something else in his body.... Possibly something on his brain (such as a lesion or tumor). The next step is to see her neurologist on Monday and this has been something she has been waiting for for a long time.

I have been talking to her through all of this ordeal and amazed at how God is changing her and how she is leaning and trusting Him through this storm. This syndrome is very rare and she may have to travel possibly to Illinois to see specialists that have dealt with this before or everything maybe able to be dealt with here. Usually though this disease is treated like cancer.

It breaks my heart that this family has to go through this. It breaks my heart that this sweet little child is sick. And it breaks my heart that they have to go through the unknown. But I do know that the Lord is getting the glory out of Lyndsay's attitude and trust. She may not like what her sweet Aiden is being faced with but, she is being strong and having faith the Lord will bring them out of this stronger than ever.

I am praying for them and for this sweet little boy, Aiden.

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