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Monday, August 23, 2010

It's okay that we aren't going to "school"...

Last night was hard... I was missing out of a feeling... of sending my child off to one of the "biggest" milestones, First day of Kindergarten. Hailee had/has no clue today was the beginning of school (well... that I know of). It's just me and my feelings getting in the way. I am not doing the "normal thing" I am going outside of the box and doing what people call "weird".

But, last night Bob and I talked and he didn't give me any good encouragement but, he did say "This first day of school feeling will pass." and that is so true. Soon all these little kids going off to their first day of school will be having problems just like Hailee does with school at home and they will be having friend drama. It is not new for forever.

I will have to say this morning when I got up I felt better and this was a new day. The Lord graciously reminded me today of his plan and gave me confirmation that this was what He wants for our family right now. We had an amazing school day! We worked on our phonic/reading, handwriting, and math. She did great and not one tear was shed (from her not me :o).

God has a plan for us and I will continue to listen for the path and obey His leading. I will not let my feelings take over what is His. His mercies are new everyday and I am rejoicing in them.

Have a great day!

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