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Monday, August 2, 2010

First Riding Lesson

Okay... I have no pictures of her first riding lesson BECAUSE I wasn't quite sure what to expect for Hailee's "evaluation session" (this is what the trainer called it). Anyways... it was so great! What took us so long to get her into lessons? Oh yea... she wasn't old enough. :o)

Hailee had a smile on her face the ENTIRE time. There was nothing anyone could have done to wipe that smile off her face (well... maybe if she got thrown off).

I have to tell you I have been praying about this... I have been praying and asking if this is something we could afford (horse riding lessons and competing are expensive), I have been praying that if this is what Hailee should be doing to put us where He wants us to be, I have been praying that He would lead us where ever would be best for Hailee... etc...

Let me tell you... my prayers have been answered. He put us with everything I was looking for. After the lesson the trainer said something about how it was a blessing she found the perfect home for this horse. She said something along the lines that "God is so good." and I nodded my head and right then and there I knew she loved Jesus. We talked a little more and it was so great. The Lord really puts who He wants in your path in your path. That is so amazing!

Hailee will start having horse riding lessons regularly every week and it looks like she will have her first competition at the end of the month. :o)

Actually I have a few cell phone pictures... they aren't the best because Heidi was shaking the phone :o).

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Christi Brown said...

So awesome! I am glad it looks like it will all work out and Hailee looks sooooooooo happy!