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Friday, August 13, 2010

Active Week

This week has been BUSY! Life is just getting busier and busier. I thought I would post all the action going on this week.

This week we read A Pair of Red Clogs by Masako Matsuno and the book takes place in Japan. So that was kind of the theme for the week.

Monday, Hailee ate her lunch with chop sticks.

Ummm Yum!

Wednesday, was her 2nd riding lesson (and see I took pictures this time). I took video too but, was having a hard time uploading it so, here are the pictures.

Heidi got herself very dirty this time. I wish I had a hose to rinse her down with but, decided to go with wipes.

Hailee practicing some posting at a halt.

I do believe in this picture she is trotting. I love her trainer because there is no messin' around. She is getting straight down to business. Hailee loved it!

Then at the end Ms. Karen let Heidi sit up on Oh-Tally. She was in heaven. I believe I may have 2 horse lovers. :o)

Thursday, I got an activity out for Heidi. She did very well with it and I think she enjoyed having her own one-on-one school time. I got this idea from my friend, Ely.

This was Hailee's activity on Thursday. She was to draw something using the warm color palette (such as yellow, orange, and red). So, I thought the sun would be the easiest thing for her to draw and use those colors. She did a very good job!

Friday (today), is our last day reading A Pair of Red Clogs so I ended it with a bang. LOL! I found an activity that you draw a fish and cut out 2 for the same fish and then use different colored paper to make the scales.

I used my old scrapbooking materials (since I am now a digital scrapper) to make this fish and I used my Creative Memories circle cutter to make all the circles for the scales.

I didn't want Heidi to feel left out so I helped her make one too. She is kind of upset with me in this picture because I wouldn't let her play with the circle cutter thing because it had a blade on it. I guess... call me a Bad Mom. LOL!

She is happy here though... showing of her fish.

Heidi made an activity up with the left-over dots and scrap paper.

Hailee adding a little extra color to her fish.

Heidi was putting left-over dots in the cut out holes. I know... she is one smart kid!

Here is Hailee's finished product.

She was very proud of her beautiful fish. Oh by the way... she is in her swimsuit because we were about to head out the door and go swimming. :o)

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Elinette said...

Love that fish!!! Pair of Red Clogs is one of my favorites from volume 1. I'm so proud of you, for making such sweet memories with the girls.