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Monday, July 19, 2010

Traveling to see Family...

It is so hard for me to travel and see family. It gives me a glimpes of how much easier it would for Bob and I. We went to see my dad and aunt up in Oklahoma all last week and we had a blast! On the way home I began to think of moving to Oklahoma just to be closer to family. It is so hard for us here on our own... not all the time but a lot of the time. I would love just to drive a little ways and drop the kids off with their grandparents or aunt and go have quality time with Bob.

This is something I am going to be praying about and see what God wants us to do. I feel like I am in a bubble and Lord wants me to venture out to the unknown. I am sitting to comfortable... who knows only time and prayer will tell.

I am going to be posting pictures soon of our Oklahoma adventure.

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Christi Brown said...

No!!! Don't leave! In all seriousness, I know how you feel about the family thing. I have extended family here but not my parents. I am always begging them to move here. I feel as though we have finally laid down roots and we are right where God wants us. But for the longest time I sat and planned our big move to DFW!