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Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Rainy Day

So here is a picture of what has been going on in the morning hours at our house. I have been starting Hailee on her school work around 9:00... as you can see Heidi has to be right up in the action. She is doing her "school work" too :o).

Today we started our Five in a Row curriculum... you may think I am crazy and maybe I am, but I have a plan :o). Our first book to learn from and enjoy is called The Story About Ping. It is about a little duck in China who lives on the Yangtze River and he lives on a boat. All the ducks get off the boat to find bugs and stuff... well Ping ended up not getting back on the boat because he saw he was going to be the last one and was scared of his punishment (which was a spank by the Master). So he goes and hides in the bushes and then the next morning he swims out in the Yangtze River to look for his boat and his family. While he was looking he got himself into a pickle and got caught by a boy. The boy wanted to keep him as his pet, but the family had other plans for Ping... dinner. The boy ended up letting Ping go at night when no one was around. Then Ping saw his boat and his squawking family and swam really fast to get to them. Ping got there right in time but, of course was last... but he knew how much he missed his family and got a spank as he waddled up the plank. At the end that spank was so worth it.

After we read the book we talked about discernment, geography, and the culture of this book. It was a little rough but, I know it will get easier as we continue this curriculum. After we did our schooling I started to clean and the girls watched Sleeping Beauty as the rain comes down on us in Katy. We are thankful for this rain and the time to clean :o). After their movie was over I came across these 2 scarfs... both of them were gifts from my grandmother and they are just in our room as decoration (one is from Egypt). I looked at them and was like... NO WAY ARE THEY PLAYING WITH THESE... and then I thought WAIT... they would love these (if you know me this is a big step)! They enjoyed these scarfs more than I thought. As I put them on the girls... I told Hailee how in the Middle East (I pointed it out on the map) the women wear scarfs on their face. I told her that this is their culture and they have different reasons why they wear them (I told her a few). She really seemed to careless about what I was saying but, hopefully something stuck in her head :o). Enjoy the pictures.

Both girls I trying to figure out what to do with these things...

This was the ONLY decent picture of Heidi

I know... she is so gorgeous! The girl could wear a garbage bag and make it look good.

Heidi's back... I get a lot of these pictures

She is SO done with the camera.


Christi Brown said...

the last picture of Heidi is HILARIOUS! Don't worry about Hailee not getting it all at first technically she would not be in school yet. You may have to take two weeks per book. Play it by ear! You are doing great!!!!!!

joven said...

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joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..

Elinette said...

You go girl! I'm so proud of you. Looks at your already doing school with the girls. If you want to borrow Handwriting without tears manual let me know. I also have the wood pieces and slate they recommend.