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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oklahoma Trip 2010

Here are pictures from our trip to Oklahoma. I know there are a lot but, it was hard to pick and choose. :o) I hope you enjoy a little glimpse of our FUN vacation :o).

Steeber and Nana (my dad and step-mom) got Hailee this Dora tricycle for her birthday and they got Hailee a Princess bike. They both are staying up there for when we visit.

Meghan (my sister) and Hailee
Heidi being sweet to Sadie (she is pointing out her eyes).
Swim time.

Meghan is good with the girls and they both love her.

Hailee under water. We are so going to get one of these cameras one day :o).

Bob after he did a cannon ball.

Me and Bob.

Hailee and Bob taking the plunge.

Nana and Heidi.

Hailee trying to hold her breath as she sits on Bob's back as he swims.

Love it!

We went and stayed on the lake for 4 days and had a blast. Heidi was obsessed with the captain's seat and all the little buttons to push :o).

Hailee and Bob.

Heidi really driving now. She was so serious.

I love this picture. Hailee's turn to drive :o).

I love this picture because of Heidi's face looking at Bob. She thinks he is the world.

And he thinks she is the world too.

Me with the girls.

Hailee loves Meghan and playing on her cell phone :o).
I love this picture. Fishing time!

Here is my other sister, Michelle. She likes to be alone in the quiet. I loved this picture and the lighting.

So, in this picture she caught a fish and she was so excited. I didn't get a picure of the fish because it unhooked itself and hooped around back into the water. Oh well... at least I got a pictue of her face :o)
This is very serious.
Heidi was so tired and hot but, she stuck in there like a champ.
So sweet.

Steeber (grandpa) and Heidi.

Feeding the fish.

Here is Michelle. Isn't she pretty?

These fish were huge and they would eat anything!

Captain Bob

Hailee loved the SeaDoos

Meghan and the water dog, Sadie.

My cousin, Christina, her friend, Ariel, and Hailee chillin' on the tube.
Here I am with Meghan. I am trying to stay a float while I take this picture. Meghan had a float she was hanging on to and didn't care to assist me. Oh well :o).

LOL! What can I say... this picture says it all...

Chrisitina and Heidi

Heidi and Aunt Joy Joy

My dad is gun king! I thin I shooting a 44 Revolver (is that right?)

Hailee and Carmen after swimming for 6 hours.

Meghan and Michelle being sports!

Hailee and Aunt Joy Joy

Go Carmen!

Go Hailee!

Me and my dad

Heidi sportin' some shades...

Hailee and I about to go out on a ride. All she wanted to do was go FAST!

Hailee and Carmen about to take a ride.


My little Heidi about to take a ride.

There she is...

LOL! Ariel and Christina... Let the good times roll!

My dad and Bob

Bob and Hailee having the time of their lives.

Cousinly love.

Wooo Whoa!!

More SeaDooing...

More driving the boat. She was a pro.

Aunt Joy Joy and Heidi dancing.

Captian Dave.

So much fun!

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