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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Insides on the Outside

Here is a Science project we did today. So, I told you yesterday we are reading Madeline for our FIAR curriculum. In this book, Madeline was rushed to the hospital because of her appendix. I got this fun Science project from here. Here are some pictures...

Heidi got a hold of the manicotti noodles we used for the spine.

For some reason she loved them.

Crazy child!

Once Hailee saw Heidi get into them she wanted some.

Ummm... Yum!

Here is her wearable body parts. LOL!

We talked about how when she eats food it goes down her esophagus to her stomach (the bottom baggy connected to the esophagus) and, once her stomach makes her food smaller it goes down into the intestines and then she poops it out. I told her everyone poops and toots. God made everyone the same (in that way). We also talked about our lungs and how we need them to breath. The two straws she is blowing into are connected to the lungs (baggies) and they inflate and deflate.

Here is her spine.

This was a fun project and I think she actually learned something. LOL!


BusyB said...

how great is that!!!!!!!!! CUTE! great idea too! : )

tomorrow is my last day for giveaway :( Come check out its JEWELRY!

Christi Brown said...

Love that! I can't believe how cute that is! I can't wait to do Madeleine now!

Elinette said...

That is so cute!!! love it! Look at you. You are already a pro. Go Steerling! Love seeing you making memories at home. And fun. :)

Aims said...

Love it!!

Ameratis said...

The body parts project is awesome! I want to homeschool my future children so it is always neat to see how others are doing it!