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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 4 is OVER!

This week with losing weight has been tough! I have been feeling like my body was trying to get sick and I haven't been going to bed when I should, so in result to these 2 things I haven't been pushing myself during my workouts. Also, instead of working out 6 days in week 4... I only worked out 5. I know not to bad, but knew I should have pushed through but I let myself down.

I like to weigh myself on Friday, but really should put my patient hat on and wait until Sunday. When I weighed myself Friday I had lost 2 lbs, but when I weighed myself Sunday I had lost 3 lbs. So, my total weight loss in 4 weeks is 14 lbs!!!!

I am starting to notice the change. My pants are getting loose and I am having to tug on them to keep them up. I feel great! I have more energy and am happier over all.

I praise the Lord for this energy, because I know it isn't from me and the only way I am still going is because of Him. He is my source!


Julie P. said...

Yay Sterling!!! So proud of you!

BusyB said...

that is great!!!! so what we all slip sometimes its HARD! You are doing great! congrads!