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Sunday, June 20, 2010

His Work Inside Me

I am going to share one of the many things the Lord is revealing to me... or maybe telling me to do :o). Homeschooling... let me share with you my story...

I have friends who homeschool and friend's who talk about possibly homeschooling there kids. I have always... I MEAN ALWAYS... thought they were crazy! I always was supportive and thought if this is what they want to do... then great! But, I was never going to homeschool! I have been looking forward to having time by myself one day... I have been looking forward to having one child all day long again... I have been looking forward to Hailee being off at school learning and getting worn out... I have been looking forward to her making friends and memories like I had. There was no way I was going to homeschool. The Lord has put teachers into schools to teach our children for a reason and why should I remove her from something that has been around for forever?

I would have to say in the last month I have been having the thought of homeschooling but, as soon as that thought came into my head I immediately removed it and went on with whatever.

Then this last week it was really on my heart. It felt like everyone I would talk to (well not everyone but you know what I mean) would be a homeschooler. For some odd reason homeschooling became something I would consider. Then I was talking to my friend about this and what I was feeling... it became so clear and obvious. Was I going to homeschool? After I talked with her I talked to a few other friends and it seemed so very clear. I kept talking to God about this and trying to talk myself out of it. It became more and more appealing. And now I know... I know this is not me... this is not a fluke... this is God. He wants me to homeschool Hailee. He has spoken to me again and I have heard Him. I am so humbled by this and His direction He wants us to go in.

I still need to pray about this because still have negative thoughts... such as I am not smart enough, and I have no patience to be with them both all day everyday, and I just can not do this! Bob needs prayer too because, he still isn't sure. I have been praying that the Lord would make it very obvious and straight forward for Bob and I am praying Bob will hear Him.

God is so good and He is so good all the time!!! I know He hasn't just put this on my heart for no good reason. If you wouldn't mind lifting us up in your prayers about all of this I would really appreciate it. Prayer is so very important and powerful and I know He hears it all.

Much love my friend.

1 comment:

Suz said...

That's a huge thing, Sterling! I'm really proud of you for listening to God, though.

Are you thinking of homeschooling her for the duration or just Kindergarten?