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Monday, June 7, 2010


Sunday afternoon we went over to some friend's house and had a cookout at CHUBB Club :o). CHUBB club (did I spell that right?) is a house that is totally kid-safe. They could do nothing in this house that would hurt it or them... well maybe they could but for a normal kid... no :o).

Thank the Lord, he sent us a thunderstorm with some nice rain. It also came with really loud thunder and lightening. Well to the best of our knowledge the below pictures were caused by lightening.

A house a cross the road and a little farther away caught on fire. It looked like it started from the roof and then spread like 'fire' through the house.

You can now see the reflection off the bricks of the fire in the front of the house.

Words can not even explain...

The fire practically ate the house.

You can now see the firemen at work with the water hose.

Finally the end of the fire and burning, but not the end of the sorrow and sadness. Even though we know all it is is just STUFF... we grow attached.

I am so grateful for the roof over our head and so grateful for knowing the Lord and knowing He is Lord over it all. I pray these people know Him and I pray that they know He is in control and He has a perfect plan for them no matter if they like it or not.

And then you see these pictures....

God made these animals. He made those clouds, those trees, and those rain drops that are an their way :o).

And He made that little girl (Ella) so very perfect and so unique. He gave her to 2 of the best parents.

Here the kids are trying to give the bison's a treat, but they want nothing to do with the food or the kids.

The bison really just want to be cool and for it to rain in them ASAP! The kids get bored and move to the sand hill. LOL! Silly kids!

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Elinette said...

Oh my that was quite something! I didn't realize you were taking pictures. That night we prayed for that family.