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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blueberry Adventure

Today we went to a blueberry farm to pick blueberries with our small group. We were all daddy-less today but, that is okay :o). It was so hot BUT so fun! Enjoy!

It was really sunny and I think that is why Hailee is making the face she is making here.

It is still really sunny...

Brooke and Heidi were all about these 2 little bunnies.

Heidi was trying to hard to get to this bunny and touch it and then she finally got a finger tip to touch one :o)

Hailee and Mason getting busy with the pickin'.

At first this was how Heidi was picking her blueberries. I would pick them and then she would take them out of my hand and put them in her bucket. She was good at that.

Good job!


She is so pretty!

Mason and Hailee pickin' away.

I really wish I new what they were talking about :o)... it looks interesting.

Now... we have found some lower in her eye sight and now I am trying to tell her to just pick the blue ones :o).

Brooke and Heidi on a mission.

This was one of the families we went with... this is Hannah and Brooke. Aren't they pretty girls?
See that man in the background of the picture... he was a sweet man and saw we had crying babies and that we were going to have to leave (later in the morning) and he gave us some of his blueberries from his box. He also gave our friend, Amber a little helpful information for her wasp sting. He was so nice.

Cute kids.

Heidi was beginning to get miserable...

Heidi was seeing all her little friends starting to get their drinks and I left ours in the car. She thought I had water in my little camera bag.

Ms. Hannah had water in her bag and shared it with Heidi. Heidi ended up hogging it all and spilling it all over herself :o)

She just wanted the water bottle and that was it. We had to leave shortly after this picture. It was so very hot today!
We ended up getting over 2 lbs. of blueberries which was 7 cups. I made blueberry muffins and a blueberry pie, which I am about to have a piece of :o). I hope you enjoyed our little adventure.

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