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Friday, June 25, 2010

1st REAL school year

I thought I would share what our curriculum would be for this upcoming school year...

1. We will be doing Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Hailee should do really well with handwriting because that is all the girl does around the house.

2. We will be doing Reading Made Easy curriculum. I really think Hailee is yearning to learn more and to learn to read. She sits on the couch with a book looking at it. I know she so wants to read the words and make sense of them.

4.We will be doing Horizons Math curriculum. This I think will be exciting and a little new for her, but I believe she will do very well.

3. We will also be doing Five in a Row curriculum. I am super excited about this one! I can't wait to open the world to Hailee with this curriculum and I can't wait to learn more about the world as I teach her.

I can see it in Hailee's eyes that she is ready to start school and ready to learn... so we are going to be starting school on Monday. We won't be doing much because we don't have much right now. We will begin handwriting and math on Monday :o).

It may seem like we have a lot on our plate (once I get it all), but with HS you don't have to do everything everyday. The Reading Made Easy curriculum has handwriting in it so she can work with handwriting while she learns to read... and her handwriting book can help her with neat and clean handwriting (Thanks to my HS buddy for giving me this great idea). Something like that. The Five in a Row curriculum will be everyday and the subject changes everyday... so that will be fun! This is a little of what will be going on for Kindergarten in the Greene house.

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