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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things that have been going on...

So first... Happy *belated* Mother's Day to all you great moms! I had a great Mother's day... I didn't do a darn thing! My sweet husband took care of it all :o). Thanks hun... I love him!

On Friday, Hailee's preschool had a mother's tea for all us moms. They had lunch all prepared for us. All the kids in Hailee's class made these picture frame things and the teachers took pictures of all the kids and put the picture on it. They were really sweet all decorated with "precious gems". Of course the frame thing Hailee made me was all decked out with "precious gems" :o). I love it! Heidi was a pill that day but, what else can I expect from her :o).

On Saturday (after Hailee's b-ball game) Heidi decided to fall of the top of the couch and hit her head HARD on the wood floors. She gave herself a huge goose egg on her forehead... so we thought... when she woke up from her nap the whole right side of her face was all puffy and swollen (see picture below). To top that off... she got infected sores on her left leg (which we are still dealing with). Happy Mother's day to me!!! :o)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2

I love my sweet girls! They mean the world to me.

Like I said... it was a great day! I am so very thankful and blessed to be the mother of these 2 very beautiful little girls.

Tuesday was my 28th birthday. Bob left 2 of these long balloons for me... well they ended up being good times for the girls :o)

Looks like fun... huh?

Later that day Heidi's green balloon popped in her mouth while she was chewing on it. There were no tears just... Uhhh Ohhh's!!!! It didn't stop her from starting to gnaw on the red balloon. I actually think that red balloon is still alive some where in this house.

When Bob came home from work on Tuesday he was baring gifts.... beautiful lillies and food from Applebee's. I love me some flowers! I love to look over at them and see how much more beautiful they look than they did the day before :o).
Friday night was our date night (to celebrate my birthday). We got a babysitter for 7 hours!!! Yes... it was awesome! We went to dinner at the Taste of Texas and we got a free dessert. I love Taste of Texas for that! Then we headed over to the Arena Theater to watch our friend, Patrick fight. It was the night he was going up to defend his middleweight title (belt and all)... and poor guy lost it. He made a mistake and the other guy didn't let that mistake slide.... he took advantage and took it from Patrick. It was so great to watch him though and we can't wait to go watch him fight again one day soon.
It was a great week filled with so much and to top this all off I lost 3.5 lbs! This week was filled with a little cake here and there and I was still able to take weight off! I am proud of myself and can't wait to start again Monday (Sunday is my day of rest)! I feel great and I am noticing things on my body changing :o). Thanks for your prayers and encouragements! Keep it up my friends! Love you all.

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