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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer has Begun

Summer has begun in the Greene house. Hailee's last day of preschool was May 24th and now it is up to me to work with her during the summer... hoping she remembers everything ;o). We are both excited about Kindergarten, but I am going to miss knowing that scripture and God's love being poured on my child while away from me. That just means I need to step it up even more... so when she goes off to Kindergarten and kids pick on her or don't say nice things... that the Lord is always with her and made her into the wonderful little girl she is.

Here are the 2 most wonderful preschool teachers in the entire world.... Miss Kim (on the left) and Mrs. Christina (on the right). I sure am going to miss them. I know Hailee had a lot of fun with them this year and I think she was a little sad that last day. :o(

Hailee got a few fun little gifts from her teachers and of course Heidi saw them and had to try them out.

After dinner the other night Hailee had a blue raspberry ring pop. I was about to push the button to take this picture when Heidi thought it was a little odd that her sister had this blue tongue and she had to touch it. That is Heidi's hand going for her tongue :o).

Here is the picture without Heidi's hand.
Another one of those sweet cuddly sibling love :o).
We got an above ground pool last weekend and we are having the best time swimming in it. I will post pictures Monday of it and everyone having a Splashing time. I know we will have a lot of fun family times in this pool. Have a great evening my blog friends :o).

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