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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remember when...

Remember when life was so care-free... no responsibilities. The days when all you worried about was playing and what you were going to play and who you were going to play with. Here are a few pictures I have taken over the last few months of Hailee and Heidi.

This was taken a few days ago... Bob and I were so surprised to see what a good hula-hopper Hailee had become. She told us she learned how to hula-hoop at school. Bring back memories?

And it seemed like all of the sudden she learned how to jump rope. How did his happen? I remember just a few months ago she totally couldn't do this... now look at her! Soon she will
be double jumping, cris-crossing, and all that crazy stuff I use to do. Memories...

Here... Heidi is trying to be safe after she busted her eye :o). It seems like yesterday this was Hailee on this little tricycle and not being able to reach the pedals. How time flies...

I am sure I did this back in my days... putting makeup on and looking... well like this. Hailee was in her room for quiet time and came out with all this beautiful make-up on :o).

Ohhh... being small enough to fit yourself in a suit case :o).

Remember when you went to a concert or the rodeo and seeing all those necklaces, or flowers, and/or swords that lit up? And do you remember how bad you wanted one? Well... I do. Still to this day when I see them I want one, but can't talk myself into spend the money (they are always so expensive). But... I do know this feeling and when my children want one I have to get them one. So here...
at the rodeo they had these lightsabers and well... the picture explains it all :o).

Hailee was so proud of herself here... she was so proud of coming down this pole all by herself. Remember how good you felt when you mastered the monkey bars or when you mastered flipping over a bar or when you mastered jumping out of your swing in mid-swing? Man... I do.
This is just sheer cuteness! I never got to experience this... the sisterly love. I can't wait to watch them grow up together and watch the bond between them form into something so wonderful. I know there will be fights and tears because one or the other hurt the others feelings but, they will get over and grow from it. Right? :o)
Oh... memories.... :o)

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