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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poor Baby Bird

We have these bush trees in front of our house and found out a few weeks ago we had a red cardinal family have babies in the bush trees. They just have been cheeping away and the mom and dad have been both taking care of their babies.

We got home a little while ago from playing at a friend's house and when I opened the garage Hailee and I saw both Momma and Daddy red cardinal flying in and out of the garage and just hanging outside the garage door. We were both confused about this... I got everyone inside. I laid Heidi down for her nap and Hailee went in her room for quiet time and I kept hearing all this chirping. I went out there and figured out one of the red cardinal's babies was in the garage. How it got in there I have no idea! I opened the other garage door thinking maybe it would fly out or the mom or dad cardinal would help it out. The little birdy was right on the edge of the garage and it could have just hopped out. So, I decided to hang out and watch the rescue... so I stood far back. Well... nothing happened. They just kept chirping at each other. I went back into the garage and continued with me duties. Then I saw from the corner of my eye flapping of wings... I looked up and the little bird didn't fly out of the garage... it flew back into the garage. Dumb bird! He was so cute I had to take pictures of him...

Here he is up in the garage door just chirping away... he looked so tired. He was chirping with his eyes closed.

I had to take this picture of the daddy... he was so concerned about his baby. He never left him. The mom red cardinal was flipping out and flying everywhere, but daddy stayed calm and waited it out. He sat their chirping to his baby and never left.


BusyB said...

Cute Pic! Love the little red daddy! lol!

Vic said...

Suuuper cute!