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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hard Work

Heidi found Hailee's knee pads in the toy box and wanted them on. Then she found Bob's wrench and started pretending she was fixing things with it. So very precious!

Here is Hailee in her tent... you can't see it but she has a screw driver.

Here are my 2 sweet girls working on their jeep.

So cute!

This is Bob's new hobby... Biking. This was Bob's dad's bike from back in the day ('85... I think). He really has been enjoying this sport. He got new tubes and tires yesterday and as you can tell he is very proud of his new hobby. I am hoping he will be joining our friend, Mark on a ride tomorrow.

Hard at work! Bob was working on his bike a bit and it was so hot he had sweat dripping down his forehead and then rolling down his eyelashes. Before I could get a picture of that he wiped his face... to bad right? Anywho... I hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial weekend and filling it with family fun. That is what we are doing. :o)

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