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Friday, May 7, 2010

First Wet!

And it begins... yes, my children LOVE water... they LOVE the summer... they LOVE to swim. I bought this plastic pool just so they can play in a little water... while I try to get a little color on my pasty-self. We all just want a little of something :o). Enjoy.

This might be just a little to much fun :o)
Heidi screaming for joy.

Fill up the bucket..

Heidi for some reason wanted to get in and out...

Sweet girls

Awww... I know... such sweetness...

Splish Splash


Getting their kick on

Crazy girls...

They were jumping and then falling on their bottoms. Good times!

Hailee got cold so she got out... it was all up to Heidi to carry on the fun.

And she had a great time!

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