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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update: one my drama from today

So, here is an update on my drama from earlier today. After I blogged about what went on this morning I sent a message to Michael (the mutual friend) on Facebook and said this may not be any of my business, but did you offer to transfer money to our friend. Well, he messaged me back and said he has no clue what is going on, but she had been calling him all morning. When he got back from lunch he had 10 missed calls from her. He also told me he has no clue what she wants and how it was weird to him that someone he hadn't talked to in a long time would be calling him. I sent Michael a message back telling him all about what I knew and found out and how she used his name in the whole situation and what she asked of me. He wrote me back and said she kind of did the same thing to him not to long ago by asking for money and transfering it. Totally weird.

I feel like maybe God has put her in my path for a reason, but I am going to be praying about this and I hope you will lift me up in prayer on what to do with this situation. Thanks so much!


Lindsey said...

Sterling, this is bad, bad news. Good for you for praying about it and asking God's direction in this, but this is a scam. And it's sad, because it's coming from a "friend." I know what a trusting person you are, but please be careful and guard yourself. If this person is willing to scam your bank account, they might be willing to "borrow" your identity or do other big no-nos. Be careful - praying for you, and your mystery friend.

Clint and Meredith said...

I am with Lindsey, Sterling. Yes, pray about how you can share Christ with this girl, but I think under no circumstances should you EVER give your account info to a casual friend. I would be VERY careful giving that info to my best friend or even my parent. If you are wanting to meet this tangible need, there are other ways to get her the money without using your account at all (cash, money order, etc). Please be careful and I will be praying that God would give you a plan of action that is right for both of you. LOVE YOU!