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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Texas State Flower

Saturday we went to Brehnam to take pictures in the bluebonnets. It is such a beautiful weed :o). We went with my BFF, Lyndsay and her family (those are the other kids in these pictures). Lyndsay took some great pictures of the girls. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

I was a fun day full of allergies! I will never ever not take my allergy medicine again (lesson learned). I know I have had a debate with some of you on if it is illegal to pick bluebonnets or not. I have read that it is not a law, but I will have to say this... I will continue to tell my kids not to pick them just in respect to the flower that blooms only once a year for a few weeks and in respect to all the millions of people that travel just to get a glimpsy and cute photo of their family in these beautiful flowers. If you don't understand... all I can say is it is a Texas thing :o).


Suz said...

We told Owen if he picked one, he'd go to jail forever and we were just going to get a new son and never come see him. Harsh, I know, but he didn't pick any flowers!

Jenn said...

I picked a few (gasp!) after Jake's very first Bluebonnet photo session (he was 4 or 5 months old). I just couldn't bear the thought of not having at least one or two to add to my scrapbook. I haven't picked one since then, and probably never will. But I don't regret picking those few. They're a priceless reminder of a fun day with my sweet little baby boy!

Tami's Passions said...

I would certainly be in "Blue Bonnet" jail if that was the case. I am a flower picker from way back ... :) My mom used to tell us the same "jail story" but, I just picked anyway. I am just a rebel I guess.

Giang said...

I love your children. They are so lovely

Tami's Passions said...

I like the respect for the flowers and for other people idea ... rather than "bluebonnet jail". :)