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Friday, April 23, 2010

Obsession (no... not mine)

This is not about me... this is about my 2nd child's obsession (I am to perfect to have any obsessions... lol! big joke... I know). My sweet Heidi has an obsession with Tinkerbell. I should be thankful it isn't a bad obsession... huh? I guess the bad obsessions will come later in life (maybe I should pray now ;o). I had to share these photos because Heidi truly loves Tinkerbell. I don't know if it is all her glitter or what, but anytime (I mean ANYTIME!) she sees Tinkerbell (be a Tinkerbell movie, Disney preview before a movie, Tinkerbell on a shirt, etc.) she goes CRAZY (scream and all)! About a week ago I bought these little Tinkerbell poeple... who would of thought Heidi would love them so. Enjoy!

This is Queen Clarion in Heidi's hand.

Tinkerbell and Queen Clarion being smoothered in Heidi's hand.

I had to take this picture. Sassy little Tinkerbell and her gang in the background. Her peep's names are Rosetta, Silvermist, Queen Clarion, Iridessa, and Fawn.

I had to add the picture from yesterday. Heidi with her sunglasses on riding her horse. Yes... that is Tinkerbell on in the background :o).

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