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Friday, April 23, 2010


Daddy has been working super hard and late all week. He got to come home early today and Hailee and Heidi were so excited. Well... Heidi hadn't seen him in a few days... not even a glimps of daddy, so when she saw him today... he was hers! No one else was aloud to play with him. Here is a little look at her daddy mine-itous.

Heidi was yelling a lot of Mine Mine Mine at Hailee!

Can you see her Tinkerbell in the background?

She really has missed her daddy a lot. So he gave her some good tickling :o).

Here she goes again with her Mine Mine Mine!

Daddy is telling her No!

Can you see Heidi's hand on Hailee's arm?

Heidi didn't want Hailee in on any of her fun.

Her daddy is having a talk with her about sharing.

Good times!

Now time to attack Hailee...

1 comment:

Clint and Meredith said...

that is so precious sterling! I love that she didn't want to share daddy and said mine. Thanks for sharing this sweet family moment - hoping we have sweet reunion time coming up!