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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little bit about today...

I have been contemplating walking from our house to Peckham park for about a week and finally decided to. The reason for the hesitation and contemplating was because of Hailee. I have a single jogging stroller for Heidi to ride in, but was worried about Hailee because she can be a wienie when it comes to riding her bike. She can start whining about her being tired very quickly. Last night I talked to Hailee a bit about riding her bike to the park and then riding it back home. Of course all she heard was PARK. I had to remind her that she was going to have to ride her bike far far away to get to the park and then she would have to ride her bike all the way back home. To my surprise she was totally game and she was excited to go to the park! This morning around 8:45 we headed to the park. This isn't just a little walk this is a 2 mile trip (there and back). I packed plenty to drinks and food for the kids and they both did great. I told Hailee in the summer we are going to be doing this everyday... all she said was "OK!". Nice!

After we got home from the park we relaxed a bit and then I started to get lunch together for the kids. I looked over at the computer and saw someone wrote me one of those pop up messages on facebook (yes... I love FB and my computer usually has an open window to FB), so I walked over and the message was from a high school friend I hadn't talked to in forever. In the message it said... What is your number? Are you still in Katy? I have a favor. I was thinking... weird (I am still thinking... weird.) I responded back... Are you still there? She said... Yes... what is your number? I wrote back... phone number? and then I gave it to her. She called me and I was trying to have a little small talk and then she got right down to business. She said "I have a favor..." I was like okay. She said "Michael (a mutual high school friend) is going to transfer money to me, but I don't have a bank account and was I was wondering if I could use your account." As soon as she told me this I got a bad feeling. All I could hear in my head is say no. I told her I would have to talk to Bob first and that I knew he would say no. She said "Okay... I just really need to go to the doctor, because I have hives on my body from all the stress I am going through." I told her that Bob isn't very trusting with people I haven't talk to in a long time. She was understanding and we left at that. Then I tried to make a little more small talk and talk about her baby (that she had not to long ago). We didn't talk much about him. Then I asked her if she was in a good relationship with her mom and she said... Oh yea... and I found out she is living with her mom. I asked her why she didn't ask her mom for her bank account information and she said she would but she is at work (the mom is a school teacher). I just wasn't getting a good feeling out of any of this conversation. Then finally she said she had to go and we hung up.

Isn't that just so weird?

I can't get any of what we talked about out of my head. I am just so taken away about all we talked about and how odd it all was. I don't know, but to me you don't just call someone out of the blue and ask them for their bank account info. to transffer money to. That just has bad written all over it.

I prayed a little while after I talked to her and said something like this... Lord, if you want her in my life I am fine with that. I will be in relationship with her and try to lead her to You. But, please don't have her ask for my bank account info. again. LOL!

I am totally willing to be-friend her and try my best to lead her to the Lord. I am willing to do that... just open the doors, Lord.

1 comment:

Aims said...

Wow, girl. That IS strange. And I think you are correct to be nervous about giving out your bank account information for something so odd.

Glad you prayed about it.

If she doesn't have a bank account and can't (for whatever reason) wait to ask her mom then he can always go to his bank and get a money order for her. Then she can cash it at any bank with our without an account.

Still, soooooo weird!