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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's all about the Resurrection

Happy *belated* Easter! We went up to Oklahoma to spend Easter with family (we never do this). We stayed at my dad's house most of the time and visited my aunt (and family) a couple of times. I have these pictures going backwards, so the first pictures you will see are the most important :o). It's all about Jesus and how He died for our sins...

Hailee waking up to me saying "Wake up it is Easter!"

Heidi was already awake :o).

Here is the stuff the "Easter bunny left". I didn't talk about the Easert bunny at all..

Heidi new to go through her stuff...

... and loved it all

I think Hailee would have prefered to sleep a bit longer.

Not Heidi.

After church we went over to Aunt Joy Joy's house and had a little something from Mommo.
Heidi fell in love with this duck rabbit that danced and sang.

She is one happy girl.

She got a hold of Hailee pig bunny too.

Easter egg hunt now....

Heidi got it down pretty fast...

The big kids had their initials on their eggs.

Heidi loves flowers and she loves to pick the petals off... but she stopped herself.

The big girls (Eva, Carmen, and Hailee)

Time to see what is inside those eggs.

Ummm... marshmellows....

Heidi took a nap and when she got up it was Bubble Land.

Mommo (great-grandmother), Heidi, Hailee, and Poppo (great-grandfather)

Carmen joined the picture

Easter dinner. Heidi was feeding a dog with her fork saying "Bite... ummm yum!" I didn't get that kodak moment

After dinner... it was Easter egg hunting time (again).

This time Heidi wanted to carry her own basket :o).

She would take her eggs out and throw them on the ground and then put them back in her basket.

On the hunt...

Hide found one of Hailee's eggs.

The end picture.

The night before Easter they got Easter baskets full of fun stuff

Egg coloring with Aunt Meghan

... and Aunt Michelle (she wasn't very happy I took a picture of her).

Tracy (step-mom), Meghan (sister), and I made these little egg cakes and decorated them :o).

Meghan had icying all over her

Friday we went over to Aunt Joy Joy's and uncle Shaun took the girls (and Bob) on a golf cart ride.

Crazy Carmen!

Hailee wanted a hotdog. Aunt Joy Joy came out with this...

... and Carmen got a hamburger (yes... this is candy and they ate it ;o)

Skateboarding 101

To bad this picture is blurry...
Hailee and Eva (cousin) had the best time dressing up and playing together.

Hailee looks like a gypsy :o)

It was quite breezy in Oklahoma the first few days we were there.

I was being creative...

Heidi had the best time at Grandpa Steeber's house

Sweet Chloe

Heidi hard at work... closing and opening the gate

I love this picture. Beautiful Hailee with beautiful tulips

Leaf playtime

Heidi hard at work doing yard work.
This was a beautiful Easter I will never forget. The Lord is doing wonderful things inside of me. i will blog more on this in a bit.

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