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Friday, April 9, 2010

A "Good" Wife

So... I have decided it is time to be a better stay-at-home wife/mom. I know this may sound silly after being married almost 7 years, but I am such a slacker. I have finally decided to take charge... lol!

Then I started thinking about what makes a good wife....

Someone who keeps the house spic and span (aka. clean)?

Someone who plays with the kids all day and then the house falls apart?

Or is it someone who has a warm dinner on the table every night?

Is it someone who pours scripture into the kids and talks about the good Lord all day?

Someone who speaks with loving kindness all day?

Or can it be all of these rolled into one?

If it is the all rolled into one answer... is that to much for one person to handle. Is this really possible for us wives to do this all day... everyday?

I sure would love to be able to do this all day... everyday. Wouldn't you?

My new thing is... keeping the house up like it should look. Maybe it won't be perfect all the time, but it should be presentable and I shouldn't feel embarrassed by any part of my house. The Lord has supplied us with a roof over our head at least I can do is keep it clean... right? I am also REALLY trying to speak with loving kindness. You wouldn't think this little task would be that hard... BUT it is!! I seem to get annoyed by every little thing AND I HAVE GOT TO STOP! I am slowly working on this flaw of mine :o).

Thanks for listening :o). If you would like to have a say... PLEASE leave a comment. Have an AWESOME day!


Misty said...

There's a blog with a new book they're going to go through. Thought of you....I'm working on this myself, now that I have some energy back! :)

Also, For Women Only the bible study is GREAT! :)

The Forey's said...

Sterling! Check you out! 2 beautiful girls! I say, the heck with the house! We are to busy outside these days, the house only gets a quick pick up just after bed time! And dinner...whats that? I guess my qualifications for a "good housewife" are lacking too. I'm sure there is some unspoken club out there some where! It was good to check in on you! check us out at