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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you ever...

So, I have been thinking about perfectism (is that even a word?). Thinking about what we consider perfect and who we think is "perfect". The reason I am thinking about this is because my friend, Lyndsay and I are reading So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore and in it she talks about who we think is perfect and what we think is perfect. When we see those women put together so "perfectly"... what do you think? Do you think "Man, she has got it together!"? Or do you think "What does she have to worry about? She has got it all!"? Looks can be deceiving...

For example... I listen to KSBJ on the radio... it is a Christian radio station here in Houston. On our way home tonight one of the sweet DJs were on the radio DJing and she talked about her mom and how her mom had a rough day today. She talked about how her mom has a not so nice boss and he is always in a bad mood and makes his employee's work life hard. Then she says... she didn't think her mom was a Christian and that she felt bad because she wouldn't put her work burdens on God and give it all to Him. Then the DJ asked any listeners that wanted to to pray for her mom and her work issues. After she said that I was thinking... WOW! Who would have thought! I just assumed that this DJ's mom would be a Christian... that the DJ was brought up in the church (maybe she was... maybe she wasn't). I guess I have been putting these Christian DJ's on a pedestal... thinking they have a "perfect" lives.

No matter how Christian like, how smart, how pretty, or how skinny whoever the person you are thinking this about... they are still going to have an insecurity... they are still going to have things in their life they are not proud of... or things they struggle with every single day.

We need to just stop... really look... really hear... and just love without a second thought. If we just stopped judging and replaced that with love I think there wouldn't be one single ounce of insecurity left on this earth. And I mean real love... the love Christ loves us with. It is in us, because He is in us. He has made us with love, so I know we can do it.

Next time you start to judge or think that that person has "it all" or has the "perfect" Christian life. Stop... and look... they may just need a little love and prayer :o).


Christi Brown said...

I actually would love to read that book. But the thought of being free of insecurity is a little overwhelming to me. I would love to be better!

Great insight!

Jenn said...

I love-love-LOVE this book! I had to take a break from it for a while b/c of school, but God did some miraculous things in my life as a result of reading it. I pray He does the same for you! :o) Love you, girl!