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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baking for a Reason

I love to bake! I love to bake all the bad things and I love to do it all by scratch! I love the feeling off the accomplishment of baking all by scratch. Kind of like in the olden days... when that was the only way :o). To top that off... it tastes even better baking by scratch.

Today and tomorrow I will be baking for a funeral that is on Monday. Yes, the man I posted about a few days ago passed away on Wednesday. If you would like to read a little more on how wonderful of a life he lived go here and check it out.

As I am baking these wonderful desserts I am thinking about life. Thinking about life around me and all the people that mean so much to me and who have touch my life. Thinking about what if something happened to one of them and how I would feel. Thinking about how we all take care of ourselves (good or bad). Singling out a few who I am truly worried about and how I wish they would care for themselves better. Then I start to wonder why these people don't take better care of themselves... they have so much to live for.

I don't know. I just get a loose of words when it comes to death and thinking about losing someone so special to me. I am a very emotional person and I get attached very easily to people. Life is just so precious and it should be lived to the fullest bearing much fruit.

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