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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break

These are a few things we have done this Spring Break...

Saturday we went to the dog park and let Chloe play.

Picking flowers...

What a happy dog!

Playing at the Inflatable zone on a rainy day.

Go Hailee Go!

Heidi bouncing with the 'big' kids

Not so sure.
Hailee helping clean off the slides at the park.

I love this picture of Hailee and Jack because Jack was trying to get Hailee's attention.

Heidi would swing all day if she could (I guess I would too :o)

Sweet girl!

Ms. Aimee brought yummy St. Patrick Day cookies.

Beach day. Heidi was roaming the beach

more roaming...

It was such a beautiful day!

Cole and Hailee gathering water.

Look how sweet Cole is being to Heidi

My beautiful girl (who had to wear her swimsuit)

Heidi finding sea shells

Gathering water :o)

Everyone working hard to make a sand castle.

Heidi threw a lot of temper tantrums and is a grump in the picture but she was trooper :o).
This has been a great Spring Break. We have been really busy having fun! I hope you enjoyed the pictures :o).

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