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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I get totally overwhelmed by the thought that our Heavenly Father made this world. He made the world round, he made these trees that help us breath, he put all these brilliant ideas in people's heads (such as the invention of air conditioning, light bulbs, etc.), and the list just goes on and on.

And most of all being Holy and over seeing all... He loves us. Not just the normal love that we love our husbands and our kids with.... a love we will never understand. A love we will never know until we go home. What a marvelous mystery!

The only way we will find out about this love is to believe and have faith in this Heavenly Father that has made everything. To believe he has a BIGGER plan than we think we have for our lives. You may not believe this, but His plan is the ONLY plan! If some how we get off His path He has made for us... He will lead us right back to it no matter how hard we fight.

I have figured out through reading Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (pretty much the whole Old Testament) that all he wants is us to fear Him. He wants us to fear His holiness. I saddens me that we have lost holy. We put things in the place of His holiness and I am sure this saddens His heart too.

He sent His only son to this earth to spread the word of His unconditional love and how He so desperately wants you to love and fear Him. He had a plan for His son, Jesus and Jesus new this. Jesus trusted and believed he would be going home to sit in the thrown next to his Father. Jesus followed through. Why are we so scared to follow through? Why do we fear what others will think and say of us? Christ followers have the most amazing path and we have the light that so many don't. We know our God and a lot of us are learning how having this faith is so amazing. Words can't even describe His love. You just have to feel it.

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