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Monday, March 29, 2010

Night Light

Saturday I took Heidi to Katy Urgent Care because I was worried about her. She had been having fever since Thursday (I know that doesn't seem long but really it is when they whine and cry all day :o) and she had this cough and she hadn't been sleeping well... so on and so on... I didn't want to take her tot he ER because I didn't feel it was that urgent. I called and spoke to a nurse from TCPA (texas childrens pediatric association) and she recommended I take Heidi in to see someone that evening. So, I thought we will just go to Katy Urgent Care. Well... let me just say... Katy Urgent Care was a total waste of my time! After 3 hours I wasn't given any new information I didn't already know. I wasn't happy!

Yesterday, I thought things were getting better with Heidi. She didn't run fever except first thing that morning and she was eating better... so on and so on. Well last night she woke up at like 2:45 a.m. and she was BURNING UP! I didn't even take her temp because I thought it was just pointless. The child's skin was on FIRE! I got a nice cool bath going and laid her in it (oh yes... she loved it (not!). As she was laying in the cool water I would pour water over her body and head... I could feel the water warming up from how hot she was. Once I got her out we took her temp and it was at 101.4. I gave her Motrin (which she was refusing to take) and sat up with her for a while (we watched some Life and Kendra).

To get to my point... I took Heidi in to see her doctor (who I love) and we talked about everything and Katy Urgent Care and how the nurse practitioner we saw was a butthead and how it was a POINTLESS trip and a waste of my time. He told me about this pediatric urgent care facility in Sugarland. He told me all good things... yes I may have to wait, but at least I would see someone that deals with children (instead of stinky old men). To top it off he told me about the doctor that started and guess what her name is.... go ahead guess.... Dr. Gentles. I know... what a great name for a pediatric doctor! I would drive a little ways to get the service I want for my kids. Here is the link... NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care . I really hope this helps you!

Anywho... Heidi doesn't have the flu or any other illness. Praise Jesus! We will just have to wait this one out. I am so happy I went today and got her checked out. I feel so much better!

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