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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Illness Report

So... I know I posted a few days that I am sick and that I had a doctor appointment to figure out what is going on. Well I was quite disappointed with my visit with my doctor (who I have seen before and always had a good visit). First off I have to say I never have to wait long to see her (which of course wins big points). Here is my story...

I am called back by the nurse and she weighs me (my favorite part), checks the blood pressure, checks my oxygen intake (by my finger), and she asks me a few questions. She asked me if my cough was wet?, pain in my chest?, etc. (I can't remember all oof them :o). The she points me to my room and we go in (yes, I had both girls). We wait... patiently... and there she is. The Dr. comes in listens to my chest and has me breath deep. Everytime I have to breath deep I cough and she says "Oh, do you have a tickle in your throat?" LOL! Yes... (and I can't breath in deep). She says I would like for you to do a breathing treatment to help with that tickle in my throat. I am thinking... WHAT! I have never ever done one of these. She leaves and a nurse guy comes in and asks me if I have ever done a breathing treatment before and I said no. He tells me what is inside (I don't remember so don't ask) and hands me the mouth piece thing. I look at him and say "What do I do?" He looks at me like well duh.... then he explains for me to leave it in my mouth and breath like normal. Okay... I can do this. Then he says you may cough and when you cough just take it out of your mouth. Okay... and he leaves. Both girls were doing good and then Hailee starts to tease Heidi with this elephant Heidi got from the waiting room.... then Heidi wants to get into the hazardous waste basket... then she wants to climb on the little step connected to the patient table and she falls off... then Heidi cries really loud and I had Hailee get her softy out of my purse and Hailee took her sweet time... then Heidi stops crying and throws her softy all over the dirty floor... then Heidi decides she wants to play the drums on the hazardous waste basket... and this all happened in about 5 minutes while I was taking my breathing treatment. Finally the nurse guy comes in and checks my oxygen with the finger oxygen thing and has difficulty. He leaves andwe waited a few minutes for the doctor.

She come in and asks me how I feel... I said I didn't feel any different and she said she didn't think I would because my oxygen level was still low. I said "What... my oxygen level is low?" She said yes and goes on on how she wants me to take all these diferent medications. I was getting overwhelmed by it all and on top of that she said since I have never had asthma or any other breathing problems she recommends i get a chest x-ray. Huh? So I leave the room with hardly any info. She handed me 2 pieces of paper.. my chest x-ray order and my precriptions. I had and still have no clue what I have. I am guessing I have bronchitis. I am having a hard time catching my breath and I am coughing up a lung. I will have to say with all I was prescribed I am feeling better, but now just waiting to feel like myself again. At least I can sleep through the night (some what) and not cough as much (some what).

This is my illness story. I don't think I am contagious, but who knows :o).

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