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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go Jaguars!

In February I signed Hailee up for Upward basketball. This is a program our church has to teach the kids about the sport and to pour a little extra Jesus into their hearts and have fun doing it :o). Hailee has only been to 1 out of 3 practices, so we were kind of nerves about today (2nd practice I forgot about and the 3rd practice Hailee was sick). Wednesday I was told by the coach that Saturday was the first game. I was totally shocked but excited. Here is a little look into Hailee's first basketball game....

Hailee before the game started.

Both teams praying together before they rip eachother apart (j/k)/

I love it!

Now the Referee is trying to pour some basketball wisdom into these kids before they play. Not one of them is listening.

Hailee did get that you have to run back and forth with the group. Go Hailee!

This is what she looked like through most of the game. All cute and innocent and messing with her tag (the tag showed the kids who should be blocking eachother... same color tag meant they blocked that person).

Yea... Hailee totally didn't get the reason for the tag.

Go Hailee!!! You are getting it!

This boy was on the side line trying to pass it to his team member. It was supposed to go to Hailee, but the boy standing in front of her was taking this game in control.

YAY!! Hailee passed the ball.

She was actually trying to do something here and her own team mate was blocking her. LOL!

Here Hailee is again being her sweet self.


Heidi did a little dunking.
This boy cracked me up. Everyone was yelling hands up (to try to block the ball from going into the hop) and this boy was blocking the ball from coming out of the hole of the net.
Hailee got the ball and now is attempting to dribble.

Oh no... it got away...

There you go Hailee!!! You got it back!

At the end of the game her coach took them outside to have a juice box and a banana. Each kid also got a star. Hailee got a blue start for effort. Go Hailee! We will be at practice on Monday, so hopefully she will learn more and have a good time!

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Tami's Passions said...

I love my Miss Hailee and these are truly precious pictures!