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Monday, March 22, 2010

The end of spring break...

We had a great week of spring break (as you could tell in the pictures I posted earlier), but at the end of the week it all started going down hill. Starting Thursday I started to get a cough. I never get a cough... especially a phlegmy (sp?) cough. I got a fever Friday and my cough continued to get worse. Saturday I felt bad and on top of that Hailee started to get sick (snot and cough). Everything continued to get worse with the 2 of us. Thank goodness Bob was home to take care of both of us because I wasn't up to taking care of us both at all.

I was so excited school was starting up again. I was ready for a break... even though I love having Hailee home. I just wasn't feeling up to having to care for all of us. Well Hailee got a fever Sunday evening and I knew I was going to have to put my big girl panties on :o) and take care of all of us. So far we have survived :o). The only bad part about Hailee missing school today is they were going to have a tour of the Elementary school across the street and they were going to get to see how Kindergarten was going to work. Oh well...

I keep praying that the Lord will put protection around Heidi so she will not get this nastiness. So far so good :o). Hailee is doing better today and the cough is almost gone, but I am not better. I made a doctor appointment for myself today. I just cannot take anymore coughing!

Thanks for listening to me complain :o) because the kids could careless on how I feel :o).

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