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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stepping Out

I have the hardest time making a title for my posts. I don't know why, but I can never narrow down a title that will describe my post and give it honor... LOL! Nevermind... this is just babble...

This evening the girls and I were on our way to church... our normal Wednesday night events consist of dinner and then WAM (worshiping arts ministry). We were at the intersection of Westgreen and I-10 and about 3 cars were in front of us and I look over and see a homeless man. (let me catch you up... our church a few weekends ago gave our Sunday school class $5 gift cards to Mcdonalds and Subway to give out to a homeless person. we choose a Mcdonald gift card). I hadn't seen any homeless people at all until then. I was debating giving it to him or not because I was 2 lanes away from him and I don't know if he would have time to run over and get the card before the light turned green. And I was just second guessing if I wanted to give it to him at all, but I did it anyway. I rolled down my window (even second guessing as I was rolling down my window)... we made eye contact and I gave him a little wave to come over. He was some what surprised... he ran over. I told him it was a gift card and I asked him his name and he told me David. I then told David I would be praying for him and he said God Bless and he ran off.

As I drove off I was thinking about all the other things I could have said to him and then I started to cry. There was a song on the radio (from KSBJ and I can't even remember the song) and just thinking about how that little $5 gift card my be handy (you can get a lot of food from mcdonalds for $5). Then I prayed for David and prayed to Lord that maybe that gift card made his day and maybe he would find Jesus if didn't know Him. It was such a crazy feeling I could never describe it. But, it was cool! It made me feel good, i am sure it made David feel good, and I hope it glorified my father.

I love going out of my comfort zone! I don't enjoy the analyzing part of it (like what am I going to say or do), but I love the in the moment feeling of this is for God and I hope it makes that person I am helping feel good and just to make someone elses day.

I Love my Father and I hope and pray I bring Him glory more and more each day!