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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


***I did not proof read this... Just a warning for you English teachers out there***

As I am sitting here and everyone is in bed I am thinking about how much I love nights. I love how the kids have a bed time and I won't have to mess with them for another 12 hours or so. I love how this time is MINE! Then Bob as some what of a bedtime and tries to head to bed between 9-9:30. Then this time is ALL mine! I can watch what I want on TV. I can fiddle around on the computer as long as I want and don't have to worry about a thing. I absolutely LOVE night time! Naptime is nothing like night time... because you know the kids are going to wake up and yo uare going to have to deal with all their drama, change or wipe butts, feed and hydrate them, and the list goes on... But, 12 hours... oh you can't bet that!

I do love how everyone is sleeping and everyone can sleep off what went on during the day (good or bad). Then everyone wakes up to a new and better day. Oh... how I love Night Time :o)!

As I was writing this post I was thinking about my own drama I had to deal with this morning and thought maybe I should tell the story...

Okay... Around 9:00 this morning the girls and I were heading to the grocery store. Heidi was having some drama over her softy, so she was still inside crying. Hailee and I were heading out to the car... Hailee ran and got in the van and I was putting my shoes one really quick to go put the bags in the car and then come back in and get Heidi. I got out of the garage and I see 2 dogs running towards me. Yes, I knew these dogs... they live 2 houses down from us and they are MEAN Australian Shepards. Bob has experienced their meanness (sp?) before, but never had... I have never ever experienced a mean dog like this. These 2 dogs run at me like they are about to attack me. Teeth showing, barking, and growling all at me. I swing the 2 bags I had with me at them and it wasn't working so well. Then I kind of go at them with my bags to scare them off. I didn't really work, but some how they backed off enough for me to get to the garage and grab a fold up chair and go at them with it. This is when I so wanted a hand gun... I would of shot those dogs without even thinking twice. I love dogs, but I am so scared they will hurt my children. I will protect them anyway I have to. Hailee was in the car safe, but I knew I had to so something. I charged at them with the fold up chair and screaming and yelling at them (the fold up chair worked great because there was enough space between me and the dog to keep them away from me). I ended up scaring them a little off and in the process our neighbor across the street came out and was calling the cops. Meanwhile our neighbor next to us was banging on his window at the dogs, because they were in his yard barking. Then he comes out in his garage and trys to scare them off with some kind of mat... well that didn't work so he got his chain saw and turned that sucker on. The dogs were preoccupied with him that they were leaving me alone. Heidi was still inside crying, but I didn't want to bring her out until I knew the dogs weren't going to come back. Then I guess the dogs got bored with my neighbor and they ran after my neighbor across the street... and here comes the police with their sirence (sp?) blarring... and he comes and swoops in and sees these dogs in mid-attack mode. Then they run after the cop and then the cop herds them home. He starts to get out of his car and decides he should get his tazzer (sp?) out. And the the animal control guys swoop in... and can I just tell you I was quite suprised how brave these guys were... they pop out of their truck walk through the barking crowd of dogs with their mase spray in hand and take care of the issue. Guess how the dogs got out... the front door was open... yea... the front door. Don't think this is the first time the dogs have been out... my neighbor across the street told me this is at least the thrid time they have called the police about these dogs. Anyways, they got the dogs in the house and wrote them a citation (about $200 per dog and there were 3 dogs- the 3rd dog let the other ones do all th bidding). So, that is my story and yes I am scared... I am going to be more cautious and check before my little ones run out of the garage.

Anyways... this is my story and drama of the day...


A Joyful Noise said...

Good for you Honey, also you have good neighbors to help you.

A Joyful Noise said...

Good for you Honey, also you have good neighbors to help you.