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Thursday, February 25, 2010

MD Anderson Trip

Well today I headed to MD Anderson for my first check up appointment since my surgery in August. I will have to be honest I was pretty nervous about this appointment. I don't know if it was the thought of getting around MD Anderson and if I remembered everything and where everything was. MD Anderson is a huge place... it is overwhelming... I was scheduled to get chest x-rays at Diagnostic A and I had never been there before, so I had to follow the signs and the turns. It was so confussing and I am sure I looked like a total dumb-dumb going down hallways I wasn't supposed to go down and starring at the signs making sure I went the right way (and yes I was talking to myself). After the maze I found Diagnostic A :o). One thing about MD Anderson is after being lost and confussed I was greeted with kindness and smiles :o). I got my wrist band and headed to the waiting area, but before I could sit my big booty down I was called back :o). I went to my little hole with a curtain and was told to strip waist up :o). I always do as I am told :o). I think I am a good patient :o). I sat in my hole for a bit before I was called back... I was full of nerves, anxiety, and fear. I prayed to God... I had tears in my eyes and I prayed more. This was God's plan for me... His first plan... I was on board to do His plan, but a bit scared. I was scared of God's plan and how it might be painful. I told Him I was going to trust Him and His plan. He is my Redeemer and my Provider! He loves me and I kept thinking this and praying to Him! Then I was called back and was told to stand in front of the x-ray machine thing and they took 2 pictures of my insides :o) and then I was done! I felt so much better :o).

I made sure I was done and then headed out of the maze and down to the first floor to head to my appointment at the Melanoma and Skin Center. I checked in an hour early and thought I would be sitting in the waiting room for a while, but I was only out there for like 15 minutes. I was shocked by how quickly everything was going... MD Anderson was on their toes today (so I thought)! I get back to my room and was told to get naked again (nice huh?)... I always do what I am told :o). The nurse comes back and asks me her normal questions and then she says "They will be back shortly." Okay I am thinking. I sat there FOR FOREVER! I mean FOREVER! You know what I did... I sat there. I didn't read, I didn't text, I didn't do anything but sit there. I kept thinking they would be in any minute. I was back there for a long time with just my thoughts, but it was okay. They weren't scared thoughts or anything like that... I was at peace. A lot of my thoughts went to how cold it was in this little room and all I was in was this drafty gown (I ended up tying my gown in the back because it was so chilly) and there was nothing on the walls for me to read or look at (you know like at your doctor's office you ave pictures of body parts, female parts, insides of ears, etc.).

Finally the PA comes back (this time it was a dude) and he starts talking to me and then starts checking my body. It is so weird to have someone you have never met to look down the back of your underwear (I only had my underwear on :o), to look at your boobs, to look at your stomach, and to look under the front of you underwear (just a bit)... it is just odd because that is private between me and my husband (and my OBGYN and Dr. Ross). Whatever right... I am sure he has seen plenty of private areas... nothing probably shocks him :o). He checks everything and then he says Dr. Ross would be in soon. I told him "I wouldn't be going anywhere." He laughed.

Then there he was... the man of the hour... Dr. Merrick Ross (I love this guy!). Not much to him... he listens if I have something to say, but he is pretty to the point (that is what I like ;o). He told me the chest x-rays looked good and I asked him what the x-rays were for and he said to make sure the cancer didn't spread and if it did spread from the lymph nodes it would go to my liver. He checked my body and he doesn't mess with the gown he just takes it off and lets the girls hang out... LOL! I guess the gown just gets in the way. Thats my kind of man... LOL! I am just kidding... He looked at the areas I was concerned and he thought they looked fine. We talked about my scar from my surgery and he was saying how that was such a hard area because there isn't much there and how it was hard to stitch it together in that area. I am just so thankful that his plan us to pull it together and stitch up instead of a skin graph (yuck! those are the worse!). I told him it was still stiff and he said that is to be expected. We were done in like 8 minutes and he was out. I got dressed and headed out to the last part of the maze.

It was another good day and I continue to be CANCER-FREE! I go back in another 6 months to have another check up. I am thankful for so many things... I am so blessed and overwhelmed by all you who have prayed for me. Thank you!

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Julie P. said...

You always tell it like it is Sterling! LOL!! So thrilled for you! Cancer free!!!!