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Monday, February 15, 2010

A few things...

I know I have used this title before, but sometimes it is just a few things :o)...

Here is my first thing... I was totally taken over today before I started reading the Bible during my quiet time. I had a total uncontroled feeling come over me (like my feelings I can control :o)... I was reading the "Just Change" pamplet KBC passed out this last Sunday. This is a GO BEYOND MISSIONS MINISTRY that Kingsland has made for us KBC families seeking to lead the next generation biblically and as we lead our families through the Legacy Milestones... to reach out and think of other children and other homes. I was totally taken away by what other children have to go through and how they totally lose their innocents and the fun of being little. I felt and feel so blessed to be in this free country... where our kids can say what they want and spread the news of our loving Father and they can be little kids and jump and play and just be kids. So, with these pamplets the church passed out they gave us an easy way to have a faith talks and a red house that the kids (and parents) will put change in and fill up every month. To give just our change we can take care of the safe house where girls are taken after being in slavery.

Here is my second thought... all the people that are sick or have some kind of medical issues that were on the prayer list that our church has. I picked one up last Wednesday and I finally sat down and read it and I was so overwhelmed by all the prayer needs people need and this wasn't even the people I know that need prayer. Woooo... let me breathe... So much cancer... so much surgeries... so much infections and illnesses... Lord, PLEASE heal us!

Here is my third thought... if y'all could pray for me. I hate having to ask this and adding it the list of sick people... when I am not sick... but I too (is that the right to?) need prayer. February 25 is my 1st appointment since my surgery in August. I will be having chest x-rays first and then head to see Dr. Ross to check me out. I have a few moles I want him to look at because I believe they have changed. If you could squeeze me in your prayers and pray for peace for me as I am begining to feel anxious about the whole thing and pray from my x-rays and check up to go well and pray that I will have no more cancer return. I know the Lord has plan for me no matter if I like His plan or not, but I will trust Him and lean on Him through whatever storm comes my way.

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