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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti support

Friday I talked to Hailee about Haiti and tried to explain an earthquake to her. First, I told her there is a island (not sure if it is a peninsula or an island) called Haiti and they are really poor. I told her they don't have lights or toilets or air conditioning etc. Then I told her about the earthquake. I told her an earthquake is when it shakes the earth. It can be a little shake or it can be a big shake and knock building down etc. Well I told her there was an earthquake in Haiti and it was a big one. I told her that building fell and a lot of people died from the building falling on top of them and some people were stuck underneath the building and waiting for help. I told her a lot of people are hurt and they need a lot of help.

I told her one of the ways we could help was by going to the store and buying all kinds of different band-aids and medicine for them (our church sent an email out Thursday afternoon saying they need supplies for a group going over to Haiti on Saturday). Friday morning before school we went to Walgreens and bought off-brand Tylenol, alcohol swabs, gauze, medical tape, and tweezers. I felt like it probably wasn't much but maybe it could help a few people out.

I felt really good by just doing that. That maybe we helped a bit. I am thankful to be apart of a church that cares so much for other people and gives us (the members) an oppurtunity to help a big situation that we would never be able to do without them.

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