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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hailee's 5th Birthday Party!

Oh my gosh... it took FOREVER to load these pictures Lyndsay took (not Lyndsay's fault... blogspots fault). Here are some of Hailee's birthday pictures... ENJOY!

Good Times Swinging

Crazy Girl!
Sweet Eva!

Jack was hiding from the camera...
Troy and Jack playing very nice together.

They get crazy in these bounce houses.
Jump Time!

Adian and Mckinnely swinging

Adian (aka. ladies man) and Eva eating together
She is proud of her rainbow cake.
Hailee was ready to eat this yummy cake

Blow those candles out, girl!

Here is the cake I was so proud of...

Isn't it wonderful...
Hailee was going for the icying first...

Look daddy.... bubbles!

Heidi checkin' out the bubbles..

Aren't they cute!

Some of the cute kids ready to hit the heck out of the pinata.

Go Hailee!


Rosemond said...

Super cute pics!!

Keela said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!! That cake is amazing! (Found your blog on FB!) :)

The White Family said...

Only in Houston would you have a picture of your 18 month old in a onesie with no shoes in the middle of December! Sorry we missed it this year, but glad we got to see you guys in January.