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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are we ready?

I have a few little question...

Are we ready for when the Lord comes?

Are we ready for Him to look at us?

Have we done what we should have done before His coming?

Have we glorifed Him through our actions, words, eyes, and thoughts?

Are we ready to do His will and step out of our comfort zone?

Have you been obeying Him?

Have you heard that small voice and obeyed?

These are just a few questions I think about through out my days. I wonder how I will react when He comes.... will I cry (probably), will I be on my knees (probably), will I be able to look at Him knowing I have obeyed (probably not.). I am trying to obey and hear that quiet voice. I pray I will please Him and bring Him glory... I pray He will lead me out of my comfort zone. I pray these crazy things. The thing is I have to obey.

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