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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Other Neighbors...


Yesterday I made more cinnamon rolls for our neighbors to our left and the neighbors across the street to our left. It was Friday evening when I took them over to the neighbors. The people to our left were not home... I expected this as it is Friday evening at dinner time and that they might have been out to eat. I then went over to the neighbors across the streets and give the man of the house the cinnamon rolls. I have never talked to him. We have talked to his older son and he is really nice. The man that opened the door is really quiet, but he has such a warm smile. Yes, he to was surprised that I was bringing him over something to enjoy ( this just cracks me up). I did try to take the cinnamon rolls over to our neighbors again, but they were still not home. Oh well... I would try again tomorrow (I was determined to give them these cinnamon rolls).

This morning I had a whole bunch of No Bake Cookies to make for Hailee and Heidi's Sunday school teachers. I feel like they dedicate themselves every Sunday to help our children to learn more about the Lord and they also pour out so much love on them. So I was "baking" away and had the nagging and pushing feeling again about taking over the cinnamon rolls. Then I started the cleaning up process of my mess and was being told... GO and GIVE the cinnamon rolls to your neighbors. I keep saying back I will after I clean this mess up... then I was told the mess will be there when you get back. I was like OKAY! I went and got dressed... and told Hailee I would be right back and off I went. I rang the doorbell and he OPENED THE DOOR! Yes... they were home! I told him (his name is Ron) that I lived next door and I wanted to bring these cinnamon rolls I made over and Merry Christmas. He seemed surprised (he didn't even open the screen door until i had to hand him to rolls). I told him my name was Sterling and we shuck (is that spelled right? I don't think it is) hands. We had a little small talk and he was going to be heading to the Katy game in a bit and hoping they would win so they can go to State next week. And that was it...

I get it now... if I didn't go over when I did I would have missed them again because they would have been at the game. Isn't so wonderful and crazy how God works? And isn't this Holy Spirit we have in us so magical?

Guess what the Lord is laying on my heart now... a BBQ for our street. LOL!

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Vic said...

Wonderful update. I think it's great that you took the time and care to put together some treats for your neighbors. I wouldn't mind being your neighbor! :)